2004 deja vu as former Cranes midfielder Sulaiman Mutyaba calls for Magogo’s resignation, is arrested

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By Alex Bossa

The year was 2004 when the then FUFA president Denis Obua (RIP) was forced out of the top football job by a pressure group called Save our football (SOS). At the time, SOS requested the court to rule against FUFA for gross mismanagement of the federation funds in what they termed “violation of the rights of the football fraternity”.

With less than 24 hours to Saturday’s FUFA general election nominations, Eng.Moses Magogo seems to be in the same sit just like Obua 17 years ago after former Cranes midfielder Sulaiman Mutyaba came out and mobilized former footballers to demonstrate at FUFA house calling for Eng. Moses Magogo to resign.

The latest development comes after the former Cranes’ midfielder exposed the dirt behind the curtains in FUFA on his social media accounts. Mutyaba has been a critic of the federation’s administration of the game and recently revealed how FUFA continuously got hold of players wages and salaries.

In response to Mutyaba’s claims when addressing the media, a furious Eng. Moses Magogo in what seemed to be confirmation of the claims went straight and attacked specifically the CHAN players for what he termed “shady football” displayed by the national team. He did not see the reason for payment to the players for the sacrifice and services rendered to the beautiful Pearl of Africa.

The video went viral on various social media handles and it is yet to be seen if any of the current national team players will come out to condemn this latest act.

Eng. Moses Magogo’s words seem to have hit a hive of bees from the ex-players who mobilized themselves and headed for Mengo in what they called  “the search for justice and players’ remunerations”.

Knowing that “keeping safe is not fear”, FUFA  alerted Police who arrested the now retired footballer turned politician.  The bruised and tearful Mutyaba was put on the police van while holding his police exhibit (banner) high written on “MAGOGO MUST RESIGN” It should be noted that as per the FUFA statutes, the FUFA President and Executive must be elected before 31st August of the electoral year. Since history almost always repeats itself, will events recur as they did in 2004?

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