A breakdown of URU’S financial statement ahead of the AGM

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By Ali Mutanje

Uganda Rugby Union released the draft financial statement for the year ended 31st December 2020  and it caused quite a stir within the rugby fraternity. Below is the  breakdown  of what and where the Union spent right from school rugby to national teams and senior rugby. 

Senior Rugby 

TBH Holdings, an advertising company  was paid 174,000,000/= by the Union in the year 2020. The Union spent the highest on payment of the company, presumably for advertising purposes. 

149,000,000/= was spent on the Nile Special Premier League which is a significant rise from 15,000,000/= in 2019. 

Rugby fan zone was the third highest expenditure on 76,000,000/= according to the report. 

The Union claims to have spent 46,583,000/= on COVID 19 lockdown support. 

13,137,000/= went to the Regional league which is a rise from 2,051,000/= in 2019. 

The Union spent 2,600,000/= on Data collection projects. 

In total the Union spent 470,315,000/= on Senior Rugby. 

National Teams preparations 

Highest amount went to men’s national team at 125,545,000/= 

The national women’s team came in second at 74,400,000/= in expenditure. A big difference  from the national men’s team. 

The national team 15s women received 404,000,000/=  for their activities in 2020. 

National team kits cost 2,150,000/=. 

A total of 67,311,000/= was spent on national teams activities in 2020 by the Uganda Rugby Union according to the draft report. 

School Rugby 

National league expenditure of the school rugby is said to have received and used 10,000,000/= 

Main league cost the Union 5,760,000/=. 

A total of 15,760,000/=. 

As the board sits this weekend, Ugsports will bring you the exclusive report on the audited financial statement of the year ending 31st December 2021 of the Uganda Rugby Union.

Below is the agenda of the AGM

The Uganda Rugby Union is to hold their Annual General Meeting on Sunday,25th April 2021. As announced by CEO Ramsey F.N Olinga in the media. 


  1. Opening Prayer 
  2. Considering matters arising from 2020 AGM minutes 
  3. Presentation of 2020 Excom Report
  4. Presentation of 2020 Audited accounts 
  5. 2021 URU Budget
  6. 2021 Activity Plan
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