All Sports activities in Uganda suspended for 42 days

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By Alunyo Jimmy Patrick

Sport was one of the events allowed to continue under strict SOPs guidelines by the Ministry of Health during the first lockdown that was instituted on the 6th June 2021, when his Excellency the president of Uganda Y.K Museveni locked the country on the account of the rising COVID-19 cases. Uganda’s prognosis with this second wave of COVID-19 is not good as the country’s death toll is increasing everyday. As of yesterday before the state of the nation address, the country’s death toll had hit 40+ in just one single day. So as a result, all sports activities and events in Uganda have been suspended for the next 42 days as the country tries to battle the second wave of the deadly COVID-19 pandemic.

 “All public gatherings including sports activities are suspended for the next 42 days,” confirmed the president.

With the number of fatalities and people testing positive for COVID-19 growing increasing at a faster rate, suspending all forms of gathering was expected from the president as he and his teams of experts seek to protect the country.

Sport otherwise is just a game and people’s health and lives remain a top priority and we have so far been reminded of this already during the EURO 2020 tournament, when a match between Denmark and Finland was halted by English referee Anthony Taylor in order to save the life of Christian Eriksen. The match was later resumed after the confirmation that Eriksen was just fine and was responding to medical help at the hospital.

So this situation with our country is more like the same scenario except that this one involves all the sportsmen and sportswomen’s wellbeing. Sport can always wait but life cannot be compared to a game. During the first address, Museveni had allowed sports activities to go on behind closed doors (with no fans allowed) but on Friday, this was also scrapped.

This suspension comes at the time when many seasons are yet to conclude including basketball, football, futsal, and hockey among others. So for all of you football lovers who were anxious to see Vipers play Onduparaka and URA battle it out with Busoga United, you will have to wait a bit longer for now, and let’s hope that the country manages to contain this deadly virus that is holding the world hostage.

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