Allan Ssewanyana joins race for FUFA’s top job

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By Alex Bossa

Sports journalist turned politician Allan Ssewanyana has joined the race for the soccer governing body top most job. While addressing the media at his offices in Katwe, the Katwe United boss pointed out the current mismanagement of the federation as the main reason he was running against the incumbent Eng. Moses Magogo.

The outspoken member of parliament said “I am presenting myself as a candidate for the position of FUFA President at the next general assembly. We must make football an enjoyable environment for every stakeholder including players, investors, coaches, sponsors, media and fans”.

It is remembered that this is not the first time Allan Ssewanyana is giving Eng. Moses Magogo a challenge after being denied a chance to run against Magogo under unclear circumstances in 2013. FUFA’s regulations then required that for someone to run for the position of the Federation head, he/she must have held a management position in football of over seven years to which Ssewanyana was a victim of. Magogo was declared the sole candidate and the rest is history.

With now the required experience, Allan Ssewanyana is optimistic that “the animal is already oiled” and it is now up to Magogo to accept the challenge or come up with another elimination tactic so that he again runs as a sole candidate.

It is yet to be determined if Proline head Mr.Mujib Kasule will join the race after he was dropped at the last minute as he had no qualifications in the last general elections.

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