Amisi Saidi headlines as Nam Blazers burn KCCA Panthers to take quarter finals series lead

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By Stewart Anyewi 

Nam Blazers have continued to showcase muscle and class in the National Basketball League this season and the run continues .

Their playoff campaign started today with a 63-41 win over KCCA Panthers.

For the record, this will be the third time in a row KCCA is losing to the charged Blazers.

The two clashed at the YMCA Kampala Basketball court as KCCA stepped on to play but was already timid.

Daniel Gaki came up so quickly past the Blazers defense with a layup, as Amisi Saidi came through with a Jump shot for two points for the Blazers. Early pressure and fumbles made the Panthers lose out on crucial points from Emmanuel Odongkara and Leonardo Gilabi .

This gave chance for Kenneth Wachira to strike with a three point jump shot as Daniel Gaki came through again for the Panthers side with a layup.

Heated up on both sides Amisi Saidi came through with another two back to back layups repeating all the history and how he has dominated their defense. 

Emmanuel Odongkara with a jumpshot for two had the Panthers trail by four.

The carnage made by Amisi Saidi and Kenneth Wachira in the final minutes of the period had the panther suffer an early beating ending the quarter at 19-8.

The second period had the panther all revived and revised, ready to take on the challenge with Odongkara with a layup and a free throw having their side tail by 8 plus Daniel Gaki with a jump shot had the panthers dominate the period 11-6 .

Turning tables in the third quarter, Blazer’s Amisi Saidi took the winning task into his own hands coming through back to back layups and free throws sending the panthers back to the locker room with 12 points as the blazers bagged 22 at the end of the period.

The final quarter had the Panthers fighting for their as the Blazers got more charged with Joseph Ikon opening the period with a three pointer, Deng Dikong with another three pointer as panthers relied on Akok Nyong’s lay up could not prevent Deng from striking with another layup.

With a few minutes to the end of the quarter, blazers’s newest signing Peter Obleng came in shining with a lay up , followed by a hookshot having the Blazers lead by 24 points

The Panthers’ last kicks were Odongkara’s two free throws that couldn’t save them from the hot blazers.

Emmanuel Ondongkara with 10 points was the only Panthers player with a double figure  score ,Daniel Gaki 9 points .

Amisi Saidi was the man with the hot hands with 24 points, Deng Dikong 13 points , Kenneth Wachira 11 points.

Such an amazing win for the Blazers past the Kcca Panthers , what a way to break away from the city! Namuwongo is now independent.

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