Analysis of the 2021 Rugby season so far: Kobs remain unbeaten while Pirates’ games improve and a look at Hippos star, Maxwell Ebonga

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By: Mutanje Ali

Kobs showing glimpses of Champions to be

64-04 thrashing of Buffaloes by Kobs is just the latest of Kobs high score wins this season that have hugely contributed to their position at the top of the table. 

This followed a 55-09 thumping of Warriors  after a 00-51 beating of Rhinos in their opening game.

 Bigger games are yet to come, against fellow title challengers Heathens, Pirates,Hippos but for now they can only beat what’s before them and they’ve played and won with 100% record. 

With this performance, other sides should be worried and if it’s maintained they will be fighting for 2nd spot by the time the tenth game is played. 

Maxwell Ebonga living up to the hype

Hippos are yet to lose a game this season. This can be credited to their good recruitment in the transfer window and form of their star players. Player in focus is Maxwell Ebonga. 

Currently second in the top try scorer category  with 5 tries only one behind log leader’s Pius Ogena. Ebonga has been a revelation for Jinja Hippos this season, boosting 3 tries in their first game and managing 2 in their last win against Rhinos to take his tally to 5 in two for the season. 

He has been very impressive with his intelligent levels and high fitness levels. One must think if Hippos are to challenge for the title, it will largely depend on the form of Maxwell Ebonga. 

Pirates continue to improve 

Pirates lost their first game of the season against Heathens 24-19. However they’ve bounced back and reacted with 2 wins in a row. 

36-08 against Mongers and 44-03 in their latest triumph over the Impis suggests a big improvement in their scores as the games pass by. Before the beginning of the season they were considered title challengers. 

Languishing in third position with at least 7 games to go, Pirates can put up a formidable challenge for the title if they continue improving at this rate each passing game week. 

List of top tries in the rugby league 2021

  1. Pius Ogena (Kobs)- 6 
  2. Maxwell Ebonga (Hippos)-5 
  3.  Kimono Justin (Kobs)-5
  4. Paul Epillo (Heathens)-3.  

The following are all tied at  two 

James Odongo -Kobs

Aaron Ofoywroth- Heathens

Innocent Georgia-Heathens

Kennedy Muhumuza-Impis

Brian Ocham- Kobs

Isaac Rujumba-Pirates

Timothy Kosovo-Pirates

Brian Ababa- Kobs

Bongomin- Kobs

Brian Oketayot-Buffaloes. 

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