Arua Hill SC Eastern Outing Updates; Find out why they Postponed Eid celebrations ahead of the two league games in the East

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By Edward Tumusiime

Head coach Mbalangu has revealed how Arua Hill’s squad is faring with training after holding their first session this morning, as well as the players’ concentration after missing Eid celebrations with their families.

Mbalangu led his team on Thursday on the day of Eid all the way from Arua for nine hours to camp in Mbale instead of Bukedea as earlier on communicated, which deprived the Muslim players from celebrating Eid al-Fitr with their beloved family members.

The Leopards boss has now made a full statement on the training and promises the celebration will surely be done after completing the mission.

With players missing to do the usual aerobics on arrival, the lads have been given complete training at the Islamic University in Uganda (IUIU) playground and Mbalangu explained the reasons to

“They travelled very well, reaching at around 6pm. We didn’t do any warm up or recovery. We rested strategically to ease up their recovery,” Mbalangu started.

“We didn’t do usual light aerobics because as you saw it was nine to ten hours and we had stoppages along the way which means we didn’t sit too much in the bus, that’s why we agreed to leave them to sleep so that they could restart in the morning.

“So today we have resumed our training, we’ve done a complete training so as to waken up the body and muscles because it was fatigued from the nine hours of travelling.

“As of now, the players are doing very well. The bodies are okay, they are very strong and very ready to tassel with the games we’ve come to play.” He continued.

“There is no problem missing Eid celebrations. I the leader is a Muslim, so we’re very happy and we know we shall celebrate when we are back that side.

“The players are very okay because we are soldiers. We’re going for the battle, we shall celebrate our Eid when we return back home to Arua with our six points.

Mbalangu also revealed the Eid goat is ready but the lads will have to wait until the two away games are played.

“We shall celebrate in Arua because our goat is ready in Arua but first is the six points. We shall celebrate peacefully and we shall enjoy.”

Arua hill SC will have to play two FUFA Big League games in the East before travelling back to West Nile, they will take on Blacks Power FC at Emokori Stadium, Bukedea on Sunday 16th May before going back to Mbale on 19th May to play against Mbale Heroes FC at the Mbale Municipal stadium

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