Basketball is upon us all: FUBA announces fixtures and plans for return under SOPs

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The Federation of Uganda Basketball Association (FUBA) has finally shown us the silver line on the cloud that has been eclipsing the game of basketball in Uganda. That cloud is the COVID-19 pandemic and it has hovered over everything, especially the sport of basketball in Uganda.

But now, the national association, fuba has at last indicated that some form of basketball will return to the courts in Uganda. It will not be like it has always been, but we are excited yet again.

FUBA announced late last week that all basketball leagues will resume with games slated to begin on 17th April, 2021. All games will have to meet set SOPs and fans will not be allowed. However, all games will be streamed live on the association’s official media channels.

The men’s league will feature 12 teams that will play each other in a single league regular season. The women’s league on the other hand will have 8 teams. 

The play off season will follow shortly after the regular season and will start at the quarter final stage for the men with a best of 3 series. The semi finals will also be a est of 3 series while the final will be a 5 series affair. 

The participating teams have over the last 2 months been going through a tricky process of registration. Many teams have been challenged by the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. The federation is also challenged with the huddle of guaranteeing SOPs. Venues that meet the regulations being one of the biggest.

All in all, we are delighted to once again see the orange balls bounce and the hoops and the nets shaking at the dunks. We can’t wait anymore. Pin the fixtures and let us get it on. 

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