Buffaloes beat Rhinos to close the season on a bounce

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By Ali Mutanje

Buffaloes see off Rhinos to clinch win in their postponed game replay of match day 8. 

Rhinos took the early lead through an early penalty from Ivan Kirabo. 

Buffaloes equalised through a penalty

There was little action in the first half as the sides tied at halftime on the scoreboard. 

Rhinos tried to change things with a substitution. Arembo came in for Francis. 

However it didn’t slow Buffaloes as they made a try in the dying minutes to put the game to bed at a score of 03-15 to the sea animals. 

Buffaloes end the season on 21 points in 6th position while Rhinos also don’t change position as they stay in 8th on 13. 

Till next season. That’s a wrap for the Uganda rugby premier league this season

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