Central Region Women’s Rugby Twists and Turns in the final round

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By Ali Mutanje 


Black Pearls and Blue Whales had dominated Tier 1 and Tier 2 tournaments in the previous 2 rounds. They were dealt a blow in the final round by Abneger and Black Diamonds respectively. 

The final event was hosted by Avengers Rugby Club in Busamaga Entebbe on 2nd May 2021. 

Avengers Rugby Club  won the 3rd round of the Central Regional Women’s 10s in Tier 1 with Peace Lekuru winning the MVP award. 

Black Diamonds won the day’s Tier 2 trophy with Mary Nyakato winning the day’s MVP. 

However the final result of the championship remained similar to the first two rounds with Black Pearls topping tier 1 ahead of Avengers and Thunderbirds. 

Blue Whales were crowned tier 2 overall champions topping Black Diamonds, Lady Swans, Ewes and AQRA in that order. 

The four regional winners are supposed to play each other in a national finals tournament. However doubts still remain over the whole tournament being played with international engagements for the Lady Cranes coming soon. 

Lady Rugby Cranes hope to take part in the Elgon Cup and the Rugby Africa Women’s Cup in about a month’s time. 

Tier 1 Results

Thunderbirds 05-17 Black Pearls 

Black Pearls 00-07 Avengers

Avengers 22-07 Thunderbirds 

Tier 2 Results 

Lady Swans 00-07 Black Diamonds 

Ewes 00-31 Blue Whales 

Black Diamonds 38-00 AQRA

Blue Whales 14-00 Lady Swans 

AQRA 00-34 Blue Whales 

Thunderbirds 05-17 Black Pearls

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