Coach Robert Sseguya in a medical emergency, needs our help

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By Jimmy Patrick Alunyo

The Uganda Rugby fraternity has called upon the general public to stand with the national 15s and Jinja Hippos Rugby Club head coach Robert Seguya.  He needs all the support he can get towards his treatment, Seguya was last week rushed to Mukono International Hospital and transferred to Pulse International Hospital after his condition worsened. Today, Monday morning he has been transferred to the Mulago Cancer Institute for further medical tests and treatment for leukemia.

Leukemia is a cancer of the blood and bone marrow. In simple terms, cancer is defined as the uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells. Cancer can develop anywhere in the body. In leukemia, this rapid, out-of-control growth of abnormal cells takes place in the bone marrow of bones. These abnormal cells then spill into the bloodstream. Unlike other cancers, leukemia generally doesn’t form into a mass (tumor) that can be seen in imaging tests, such as X-rays.

Coach Soggy is well known for his proficient work with the 15s and Jinja Hippos Rugby Club, and he is not well now and we must stand with him and his family. Solidarity is one key thing sport has shown in recent years and whoever gets access to this news and would love to support Coach Soggy should do so in the bid to help him recover from this cancer.

Let us all join the rugby community in Uganda and East Africa to rally support for Coach “Robert Seguya ” in his treatment and recovery and contribute in all ways, even if you just pray for him and his family. We love the game of rugby and Coach Soggy always makes it exciting and we would love for him to make a quick recovery and come back into the beautiful game.

For those of you who know Roman Reign the American Professional Wrestler, he has beaten Leukemia, and so we hope and pray that Coach Soggy will also do the same. We now call upon the general public to join us in extending financial assistance to the national team XV coach.

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