Could Khalid Aucho be Uganda’s most eligible sports bachelor?

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By Alex Bossa

Any lover boy in the late 90’s and early 2000s would bear witness that for a man to draw an impression to a girl by then, his love letter had to end with a love song dedication. Only legends can tell the secret behind songs like; usher you remind me, West life’s my love…… and the list goes on.

This trend seems to have faded away as  2021 seems to be a trend of flashy suits as demonstrated by Uganda Cranes and Misr Lel Makkasa midfield general Khalid Aucho who seems to be tired of being lonely, if we are to go by his latest Facebook post.

The midfielder posted a picture with the caption, “If I come like this, will you give me your daughter?” The caption which ended with smiling emojis was interpreted by many as an open letter to parents who dream of their daughters marrying footballers.

Since the Islamic religion to which he is affiliated provides room for four wives, one follower went ahead to offer him both his sister and girlfriend, “You can have both my sister and my girlfriend. You’re cool.” 

His post also did not spare most of the single ladies who were quick to grab this opportunity with two hands, after all the wind had done what the axe failed to do, that is felling the mighty tree.

One lady offered herself and her daughter, “Not only my daughter but me also and you take your wholesale at once.”

He has been noticeably absent from first team football since the 0-0 draw against El Masry on May 25, 2021 when he was on the bench.

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