Cyclists to ride into Uganda for the final leg of the Annual Great Africa Cycling Safari

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By kamyuka keneth

A group of 35 cyclists rode into Uganda today via the Gatuna border for the Annual Great Africa Cycling Safari.

The Great African Cycling Safari (GACS) kicked off on 1st August 2022 their East African tour from the Aga Khan Academy Mombasa, Kenya, reaching  Arusha in northern Tanzania within one week.

The Great African Cycling Safari is the longest cycling tour in Africa.

Riders complete a circle route of Lake Victoria annually to promote cycling, tourism, environmental awareness, and the East African Community.

These rode through Kenya, Tanzania, Burundi, and Rwanda and are entering Uganda today.

They are under the great Africa cycling safari tour group as they are on an adventure.

The annual bicycle tour aims to showcase the natural beauty of East Africa and reflect on the cultural diversity of the people living in the East African region, local foods, customs, and way of life. 

This tour also focuses on promoting pluralism, to highlight the impacts of climate change. This is also in support of environmental conservation and sustainability by planting trees in every country to tackle the challenges of climate change.

These races are sponsored by Equity bank to promote inter country trade and mitigate the challenges of climate change within the East African Community countries.

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