Eastern and Northern Region women’s Rugby tournaments latest

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By Ali Mutanje


The Eastern region final tournament was concluded with an awards ceremony for the most valued players, upcoming players and the overall regional winner. Mbale Eagles were crowned overall winners of the Eastern Regional women’s 10s. 

Nabalayo Christine of Nyondo was crowned MVP for round 2

Namalemba Habiba of Bumageni was crowned MVP round 3

Gamisa Mariam of Mbale Eagles was the upcoming player in round 1

Ngiro Patricia turned out as upcoming player in round 2 and Nambuya Sandra of Nyondo were the other awardees of the day.

Northern Region 

The Northern region will have their final circuit in Gulu hosted by Gulu Sprinters on 8th May 2021. 

Lira Matrix, Aduku Tigers, Kitgum Queens and Gulu Sprinters are the teams that will take part in this circuit.

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