Emirates Invitational Rugby 7s: Lessons to be learned from the tournament

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By Ali Mutanje

Uganda competed fairly in the Emirates Invitational 7s that concluded last weekend. They finished 6th in their second tournament. 

In two months they will be at the Olympics Games Recharge to compete for a place in Tokyo for the Olympics. This gives them time to correct some of the errors they had in games they played at the Emirates Invitational 7s. 

From our analysts, some of the areas the team needs to iron out are noted briefly ; 

Poor transition to attack. On many occasions during games, Uganda was not able to regain possession of the ball beyond phase one. This greatly affected their attack because they ended up having few as they made it easy to be intercepted by the opponents. 

Loose passes. Ugandan players threw too many loose passes and gave away the ball easily in matches which halted most of their plays into games especially against Spain in the second tournament. 

Inability to hold on to wins. Time and again Uganda failed to hold on to first half leads, advantages or competitiveness and lost most of the games because of a poor display in the second half. Uganda has to improve on conditioning of its players to increase their strength and compete at the highest level with high quality opponents. 

Missed tackles, poor kick receipts on defense meant that opposition attacks easily passed the Ugandan defense. 

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Tonny Saks

let’s pray for them.