Eng. Moses Magogo explains “shitty” football, claims he was misunderstood

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By Alex Bossa

The Federation of Uganda Football Association (FUFA) president Eng. Moses Magogo claims that he was misunderstood when he referred to the type of football displayed by the locally based players in the CHAN tournament early this year as “shitty” football.

A video went viral on 6th April 2021 showing the FUFA president addressing the press on the status of the game in the country. “They went to Cameroon and played shitty football. They are now demanding money. What do you want to be paid for? What did you play there??”. Said the furious Magogo in the video.

While addressing listeners on a local radio station this week, Eng. Moses Magogo was asked the reason as to why he disrespected footballers who gave their all to the country and his response was that he was misquoted. He went ahead to refer listeners to look for the definition of shitty football in the Cambridge English dictionary.

“ I am a person who speaks my mind. Look out for the word shitty from the Cambridge dictionary. I only read the Cambridge dictionary because it is the most trusted source for English words,” said Magogo.

From Magogo’s reference to the Cambridge English dictionary, the word “shity” means unfair/Unkind, bad/difficult or unpleasant.

We tried to explore each scenario to clearly understand what the federation’s president meant and below are some of the scenarios.

Unfair: the players went to Cameroon and played unfair football. Maybe Eng. Moses Magogo meant that the Cranes were unfair in demanding their wages after a poor display. Why should the federation pay for them being unfair to the nation?

Unkind: The players went to Cameroon and played unkind football. The president may have thought that the players were being unkind after all the investment the federation had put in them. What do you want to be paid for?

Bad: The players went to Cameroon and played bad football. The players played badly and they did not give their all to the nation. What did you play there?

Difficult: the players went to Cameroon and played difficult football. Why did they play difficult football to be understood by the federation’s president? Why do you demand for football we don’t understand?

Unpleasant: The players went to Cameroon and played unpleasant football. The boss is not ready to pay for something he is not pleased with.

With all that, it is now left for the players and the nation at large to come up with what suits Magogo’s statement. As sung by The Whispers, “The beat goes on”

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