Former Express chairperson Florence Nakiwala lobbies FUFA to hand league title to Express FC

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By Alunyo Jimmy Patrick

Earlier last week, even before the president suspended all sports events for the next 42 days, the former Express FC chairperson had already written to FUFA begging that the Red Eagles be handed the 2020/21 title, in the same manner it was given to Vipers FC last season. We are faced with a similar situation to the one that happened last year, were the 2019/2020 season was halted due to the Coronavirus situation in the country that forced the president to suspend all sport activities and the league title was decided on the 75% rule by the FUFA competitions committee Rule.

This time, more than 75% of the matches have been played already and one person who has spotted an early opportunity and acted on it already is the former Express FC chairperson, Owek Nakiwala Florence who have already written to FUFA begging that the league title be handed to Express FC, in the same manner it was handed to Vipers last year.

In a letter dated June 17, Nakiwala who is also the FUFA third vice president in charge of the league cited last season’s scenario that saw Vipers declared champions with five games to go.  

The Covid-19 pandemic has hit every sector across the world so hard; Uganda hasn’t been an exception especially in the sports sector

In as much as the president in his recent speech approved sports to continue but only under strict guidelines and SOPs it’s evident across the country especially in the first and second tiers of Uganda’s top-flight league, the fans due to their love to the beautiful game have not adhered to the SOPs making it extremely difficult to continue having league matches under the current circumstances.

 I’d like to move the motion that the league be cancelled at this stage since all clubs have played up to 75% of their games as per the FUFA competitions committee rules, I believe In the spirit of safety this would certainly be the ideal decision to make. The Venoms won the league last season under those circumstances and with five games to spare which isn’t the case today (four to go).

The Red Eagles are sitting on top of the table with 58 points and with only four games left to play, they could be declared champions if the league is halted permanently. Nakiwala’s petition remains to be acted upon and given the fact that all sports activities have been suspended for the next 42 days, FUFA has also reacted by postponing the match day 27 fixtures that were to be played on Saturday and Sunday. Whether her petition will be considered, we don’t know yet but given the current situation with COVID-19, she could be right. The only thing left for us to do is wait and see what happens. 

UGsports urges everyone to practice the recommended SOPs. 

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