A four-man Judo committee is appointed to restructure the Uganda Judo Association and the sport from grassroots

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By Ali Mutanje 

Judo is a combat that does not involve arms or tools. The sport aims to use one’s body to overcome the opponent by throwing him to the ground, make sure they stay there and apply pressure to the neck or arm joints until they yield. 

The “uniform” is a loose white jacket and white pants. Black belts are worn by masters and white belts by novices. The sport is practised on bare feet. 

Judo originated from the Japanese Samurai in 1882. The judo headquarters are in Budapest, Hungary. 

The current International Judo Federation president is Marius Vizer. Elected into office on Thursday, 3rd June 2021. 

The state of Judo in Uganda 

There are at least ten judo clubs in the country. In Jinja there’s Black Monster, Lukwago Fitness club, Uganda People’s Defense Forces, Uganda Police, Aga Khan among others. 

Following guidance from the African Judo Union, Uganda Judo Association undertook fundamental structural changes. 

Amongst the guidelines from the African Judo Union was; implementation of proper governance and management structures and membership organization from the grassroots. 

In response, the Uganda Judo Association appointed a four-man committee to implement such changes. The committee will act on an interim basis for three months. 

Former National Council of Sports (NCS) general secretary Jasper Aligawesa Muwonge, Mike Ojok (former national team captain), AIP Peter Malavu (Uganda Police Judo team) and Hannington Musoke from Makerere University have been appointed to ensure implementation of these changes. 

Key among their immediate tasks is to restructure the association in alignment with international standards. 

The UJA president said the four-man committee will run all the association activities on an interim basis for the three-month tenure, review the constitution in alignment with both the International Judo Federation ( IJF) and Union Africaine De Judo (AJU), audit as well as the structure and register members of the association, develop all relevant policy frameworks and by -laws of the association with the target to organize the association’s general assembly and elections.

Uganda has organized Judo events this year in the rebuilding process. The national and grand Judo championship will involve masters, Judo Heroes championship, inter forces and schools integration among others.

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