FUFA Big League Table standing with one final game day, stakes are at the top.

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By Paul Ochie


1Arua Hill SC137601427
2Gadafi FC13733624
3Black Power FC13634421
4Kataka FC13535018
5Maroons FC13526217
6Mbale Heroes13445-316
7Calvary FC13517-416
8Paidah lack Angels FC131210-195


1Tooro United FC13841828
2Proline FC138231226
3Nyamityobora FC13634321
4Luweero United FC13436-615
5Water FC13427-314
6Kigezi Homeboyz FC13355-414
7Ndejje University FC13274-113
8Terrazo and Tiles FC13247-910

And you may rightly say that it will be judgement day in the FUFA Big League starting 4:00 pm on Sunday 13th June. You wouldn’t be be so wrong indeed. As things stand in both groups of the Big League, we may witness some tears and cheers at the end of the week.

With FUFA Competition Committee making it clear that there will be no relegation of teams from the FUFA Big League to the FUFA Regional Leagues, the tussle will mostly be at the top. The cancelation of the FUFA Regional Leagues due to logistical challenges brought about by the COVID-19 control measures has ensured that bottom teams in the FUFA Big League will remain in the FUFA Big League.

That came as a sigh of relief for the likes of Kataka FC, Marrons FC, Mbale Heroes FC, Calvary FC, and Paidha Black Angels FC. All these 5 teams are within a 3 point difference amongst them apart from the West Nile Angels whose final position at the bottom of the Elgon Group was already confirmed.

But with one spot available for automatic promotion to the FUFA Uganda Premier league, Arua Hill SC from West Nile and Gadafi FC from Mbale City will be both on the spot to perform and finish top of the Elgon Group. The two clubs are separated 3 points with Arua Hills SC almost comfortable with a good goal difference that only a football miracle can offset even if they lost their final home fixture against bottom placed Paidha Black Angels FC. Gadafi FC on the other hand are away to Calvary FC, another struggling club second from down in the Elgon Group standing.

A similar situation will play out in he Rwenzori Group: Terrazo and Tiles FC was most certainly going to be relegated. They are 3 points less than 7th position Ndejje University FC which is at 13 points. The University team is however still in reach of 4th placed Luweero United FC that has collected 15 points so far. The other teams saved from potential relegation as a result of COVID-19 related circumstances include: Water FC and Kigezi Homeboyz FC.

At the top of the Rwenzori Group, Tooro United FC and Proline FC will be playing with something to lose on Sunday. And that is the automatic promotion to the FUFA Uganda Premier League. Tooro United FC host Kigezi Homeboyz FC while Proline host Water FC with the team from Tooro only 2 points ahead of Proline FC.

Pressure is surely taken off at the bottom of the FUFA Big League groups, but the top is still not settled as we head into the final game. Who will advance straight away? Who will remain to contend in the promotional playoffs? That will be the revelation of Sunday evening.

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