FUFA financial muscle strengthened by FIFA support programs

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By Ali Mutanje

FIFA has 211 member bodies and Uganda is one of them. FIFA has two programs that support FUFA programs in an effort to grow the game from grassroots level. 

Program 1. FIFA forward program (12.1 billion UGx) 

The aim of this program is to promote football world wide. 

According to the forward guideline; the fund is only available to associates that need it most. 

These associates must have a revenue collection below $4 million annually. And Uganda automatically qualifies with its revenue collections estimated at a low 900,000,000 Uganda Shillings. 

$500,000  is meant to help needy federations and cover national team costs and football equipment in the needy federations. 

FUFA confirmed receipt of the funds last year. 

The money is said to have gone to clubs across all divisions in the local football setup. 

According to FUFA estimates, the national team expenditure stands at 11,934,955,264. 

Of the 12.1 billion, 3.2 billion is meant for development projects. 

The construction of the FUFA training center in Kadimba is one of them. 

It was launched in 2018 and is expected to be finished this year. 

5.4 billion goes to operation cost. 

These include running local competitions and permanent administration and technical staff and national teams. 

COVID-19 relief funds 

Uganda received $3.375m from the relief to mitigate effects of the pandemic on football in the country. 

FUFA dedicated most of the funds to protecting women’s football and ensuring its healthy resumption. 

735,000,000 Ugandan shillings went to women’s Super league, Elite Regional leagues and five beach soccer clubs 

Each got 40m, 15m, 3mamd 5m respectively. 

The rest was dedicated toward women’s game development.

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