FUFA Presidential Election: Magogo set to run unopposed

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By Jimmy Patrick Alunyo

If you are reading this, you are probably wondering why is it always him and how does he do it given Ugandan political stiffness for any electoral position? One man that has continued to defy odds given the political nature of FUFA presidential elections. For the second time in a row, Engineer Moses Magogo is standing unopposed for the FUFA presidency as it was in 2017.

His candidature was ratified today Monday by the FUFA Electoral Committee. Chairman Mathias Bwiire confirmed this development and said that of the three people who picked nomination forms last month, only the incumbent returned them successfully and met the required criteria for FUFA’s top job.

Other candidates like  Proline FC director Mujib Kasule and Makindye West area MP, Hon Allan Ssewanyana, picked nomination forms but failed to meet the criteria.

In the statute, for any person to be eligible to stand for the position of FUFA President, he/she must have served in one or a combination of the following positions for a maximum of at least 7 years in the last 10 years. These positions include among others; executive committee member of CECAFA, CAF, FIFA, executive committee member of FUFA, Chief Executive Officer /General Secretary of FUFA, FIFA Accredited Administration Instructor, and chairman of a member club of FUFA.

Another must do requirement is for this person to be seconded by at least three members of FUFA, who can come from a Uganda Premier League,  FUFA Big League club, a Special Interest Group, and a football region. Failure to meet the above requirement nullifies your candidature. Both Kasule and Ssewanyana were ruled out of the race again this year because of the last clause as all delegates has seconded Magogo. Magogo has the task of collecting 50 percent plus one vote in the Ordinary General Assembly of 88 delegates election that will be held on 21st August, 2021 in Mbale.

The question now is, given the stringent eligibility criteria set by FUFA in accepting candidates for the presidential job, what should be done to ensure fair representation in regard to vying for the big football office in our country?

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