FUFA Women Elite League final fixtures released

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By Edward Tumusiime

FUFA Elite League is the second tier in women football in Uganda under FUFA the top tier being FUFA Women Super League .

Just days after the conclusion of the FUFA Women Super League, another drama shall grace the FUFA Technical Centre Njeru in the form of the Women Elite League, where 16 teams will be competing for the title starting tomorrow.

The 16 teams have been divided into 4 groups: Group A, Group B, Group C and Group D.

The group stages will be concluded on 28th may and the Play-offs shall start thereafter on 29th May and Finals and 3rd place Play-off will be played on 3rd June 2021.

The Women Elite League fixture;

Match day 1 ( Saturday 8th May 2021)

9:00am; Luweero Giants Queens FC vs Dynamic Jjeza WFC 

12:00pm; Asubo Gafford Ladies FC vs King of Kings WFC 

Match day 2 ( Sunday 9th May ) 

9:00am; Asubo Gafford Ladies FC vs Dynamic Jjeza WFC 

2:00pm; King of Kings vs Luweero Giant Queens 

Match day 3 (Tuesday 11th May )

9:00am; Luweero Giants Queens vs Asubo Gafford Ladies 

2:00pm; King of Kings vs Dynamic Jjeza WFC 

Friday 14th May 2021 reporting date for Group B teams 

Match day 4 (Saturday 15th May) 

9:00am; Kataka she FC vs Bunyaruguru Girls WFC 

12:00pm; Rines SS WFC vs Town View SS WFC 

Match day 5 (Sunday 16th May)

9:00am; Bunyaruguru Girls vs Rines SS WFC

12:00pm; Town View SS WFC vs Kataka she FC 

Match day 6 (Tuesday 18th May)

9:00am; Rhines SS WFC vs Kataka She FC 

12:00pm; Bunyaruguru Girls WFC vs Town View SS WFC

Wednesday 19th May reporting date for Group C

Match day 7 (20th May )

9:00am; Ajax Queens FC vs Amuria HS WFC 

12:00pm; St. Peter’s WFC vs Vision WFC 

Match day 8 (21st May )

9:00am; Vision WFC vs Ajax Queens FC

12:00pm; Amuria HS WFC vs St. Peter’s WFC 

Match day 9 (23rd May )

9:00am; Ajax Queens FC vs St. Peter’s WFC 

12:00pm; Vision WFC vs Amuria HS WF

Monday 24th May Group D reporting 

Match day 10 (25th May)

9:00am; Wakiso Hills WFC vs Lango Queens FC

12:00pm; She Maroons FC vs Ehcos WFC 

Match day 11 (26th May)

9:00am; Ehcos WFC vs Lango Queens FC

12:00pm; She Maroons FC vs Wakiso Hills WFC 

Match day 12 (Friday 28th May)

9:00pm; Lango Queens FC vs She Maroons FC

12:00pm; Ehcos WFC vs Wakiso Hills WFC 


Quarter Final 1 ( Saturday 29th May)

9:00am; A1 vs B2 

12:00pm; B1 vs A2

Quarter Final 2 (Sunday 30th May)

9:00am; C1 vs D2

12:00pm; D1 vs V2

Tuesday 1st June : Semifinals 

Thursday 3rd June; Finals and 3rd place Play-offs

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