Fun and Facts of your UPL club: Express FC

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UG sports has been thinking about Express FC.

So in this third of our series of fun and facts about your favourite UPL club, we look into “Mukwano gwa bangi”

Express FC is also popularly referred to as the Red Eagles.

Did you know?

It is one of the oldest football clubs in Uganda.  It was founded in October 1957 by managers of the Uganda Express Newspapers under the leadership of Jolly Joe Kiwanuka.

The so-called Red Eagles were among the first Ugandan clubs to use football boots. 

Express FC  has never been relegated from the highest division of Ugandan club football.

They are also the only Super League side that has never featured in the promotional mini-leagues.

They won their first Uganda National League Championship title in 1974 and successfully defended it in the following season of 1975.

Express FC gave birth to Sports Club Villa. Indirectly:

As it turns out, Express FC had a brief hiatus from the national football league. This gave chance to the development and establishment of its youth side, the Nakivubo Boys. The rise of the Nakivubo Boys, encouraged Express FC officials to turn to and focus on the Nakivubo Boys. This further propelled the Nakivubo boys to become a footballing force in Uganda. Nakivubo Boys changed its name to Nakivubo Villa and then later changed its name to Sports Club Villa.

Express FC’s success was indisputable and was only interrupted by the growing dominance of arch-rival SC Villa. The dominance vy SC Villa climaxed in the 2002-2003 season when SC Villa scored 22 goals past Akol FC and went on to win the league title from Express FC on goal difference. Thereafter, a match-fixing scandal hit SC Villa to help Express FC and all the other clubs breathe non Villa-dominated air again.

In the 2017/2018 season, Express FC finished in 13th place, registering their lowest position in the Uganda top-tier football. 

It is in that same season, that “Mukwano gwa bangi” needed a fundraising campaign to help save the team from relegation. Express barely survived relegation in that season. They managed to ensure their spot only after defeating bottom club Masavu 1 : 0 in the final game of the season.

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