Hamza “Fungu” Keeya bows down to Moses Golola in a mouth watering clash

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By Morris Rawal

On Boxing Day, Moses Golola defeated Hamza “Fungu” Keeya in a kickboxing match at the Akamwesi Mall in Kyebando by a razor-thin margin of victory.

With scores of 49-46, 47-48, and 50-45, the judges awarded Golola the victory.

At the start of the third round, Golola gained the upper hand when he grabbed his opponent and delivered a powerful knee that sent Fungu reeling and in a rage.

In the fourth round, Fungu regained consciousness and had admirable fortitude. He engaged Golola in combat using skillful boxing maneuvers.

Golola also succeeded in knocking his adversary outside the ring with a powerful knee. In the last rounds, Fungu recovered and made repeated efforts to strike powerful blows, but the execution fell short of the intended result.

To his credit, Golola showed some decent movement, made an effort to work behind the jab, and never staggered.

Golola prevailed that night thanks to some effective counter knees

Furthermore, he had the support of the other two judges, who gave him the win.

Fungu may legitimately call for a rematch, but he joins the lengthy list of people who fell prey to Golola, including Abu Kikenywa, Titus Tugume, and Umar Semata.

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