Highlights from the women’s regional 10’s tournament

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By Ali Mutanje

The Uganda women’s regional rugby 10s is a tournament featuring a total of 340 female players.

The Uganda women rugby teams got back into action over the weekend with Northern and Eastern region playing on Saturday 24th April 2021 while Central Region teams played on Sunday 25th April 2021. With two rounds played, Kitgum Queens, Black Pearls, Mbale Eagles and Blue Whales top the table in their respective categories.

Round two of the Central Region 10s was hosted by Black Pearls at Kings Park in Bweyogerere with participation from 7 teams. Charlotte Mudoola of Black Pearls emerged the golden boot winner for the senior category and Bushira Namutebi from Black Diamonds. The top try scorers from the central region tournaments were Ira Isabella from tier 2 and Charlotte Mudoola from tier 1.

The Northern region team had their first rounds of the 10s in Kitgum on 24th April 2021 at Bomah grounds featuring Kitgum Queens , Gulu Sprinters, and Lira Matrix. Kitgum Queens won the tournament and Adongpiny Mercy was the MVP of the tournament. The Eastern region featured four teams; Bumageni, Bugema, Nyondo, and Mbale Eagles.

“Last weekend’s performance from all teams was exciting and there’s great improvement in the second round compared to the first one. We will have to emphasize continued participation of these teams to keep them in the sport. We also encourage clubs to take up the spirit of organizing tournaments for the betterment of women’s rugby in Uganda.’’- Beatrice Atim, Women’s Rugby Development Officer

The final circuits of these regional games will take place on Saturday and Sunday. The northern regional 10s will be hosted by Lira Matrix on Saturday. Central Region 10s will be hosted in Entebbe by Avengers at the Busabala grounds while the Eastern Region games will be hosted by Nyondo.

Eastern Region Table Standings: 

Mbale Eagles-9 points

Bumageni-7 points

Nyondo-5 points

Bugema-3 points

Central Region Table Standings

Black Pearls-6 points

Avengers-4 points

Thunderbirds-2 points

Tier 2

Blue Whales-12 points

Lady Swans-10 points

Black Diamonds-8 points

Ewes-6 points

AQRA-4 points

Northern Region Table Standings:

Kitgum Queens-6 points

Lira Matrix-4 points

Gulu Sprinters-2 points

Aduku Tigers-0

Lira Matrix will host the Northern Region 10s in Lira on Saturday 1st May 2021. 


11:00am-Lira Matrix vs Aduku Tigers

11:30am-Gulu Sprinters vs Kitgum Queens

12:00-Kitgum Queens vs Aduku Tigers


1:00pm- Lira Matrix vs Gulu Sprinters

1:30pm-Kitgum Queens vs Lira Matrix

2:00pm-Gulu Sprinters vs Aduku Tigers

The 3rd Eastern region games will be hosted in Bugema today.

Teams: Bugema,Bumageni , Nyondo and Mbale Eagles. 

9:00am-Bugema vs Mbale Eagles

9:40am-Nyondo vs Bumageni

10:00am-Bugema vs Nyondo

10:40am-Eagles vs Bumageni 

11:00am-Eagles vs Nyondo

11:40am- Bugema vs Bumageni

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