Highly rated coach Kasasa hopes for victory in Hockey test matches against Kenya

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Coach Vincent Kasasa will be hoping that his male troops come back to Uganda with victory in the three-match series which will be played this week at Sikh Union club Nairobi.

Kasasa is highly rated among the best hockey coaches in East Africa.

The two teams agreed to play the official test matches after the Federation of International Hockey (FIH) approved the event to go ahead.

Thursday 18/03/2021

14:30 Uganda Vs Kenya (W)

16:30 Kenya Vs Uganda (M)

Saturday 20/03/2021

14:30 Kenya Vs Uganda (W)

16:30 Uganda Vs Kenya (M)

Sunday 21/03/2021

14:30 Uganda Vs Kenya (W)

16:30 Kenya Vs Uganda (M)

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