Michael Hollick Secures Victory at FBC Zimbabwe Open

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Hollick wins FBC Zimbabwe Open with consistent, stellar performance.
Secures victory with final round 5-under par 67.
Celebrates 37th birthday as 12th South African to win.
Zimbabwean golfers shine with Vincent’s third-place finish.
Rising talent showcased with Kieran Vincent and Follett-Smith.
Tournament fosters camaraderie, anticipation for future editions.

A Stellar Performance
South African golfer Michael Hollick exhibited exceptional skill and composure to emerge triumphant at the 2024 FBC Zimbabwe Open. With a final round score of 5-under par 67 and an overall score of 20-under par 201, Hollick secured a two-shot victory over his closest competitor, Darren Fichardt

Consistency Throughout
Hollick’s journey to victory was marked by unwavering consistency from the tournament’s inception. His impressive rounds of 66, 67, and 68 in the preceding days underscored his ability to maintain focus and deliver stellar performances under pressure. Each stroke showcased his precision and determination, setting him apart as a formidable contender.

A Historic Win
Celebrating his 37th birthday just days after his victory, Hollick etched his name in South African golf history as the 12th player from his country to clinch the prestigious FBC Zimbabwe Open title since its reintroduction in 2010. Reflecting on his achievement, he expressed gratitude for the opportunity to compete against esteemed adversaries like Fichardt, highlighting the intensity and camaraderie of the competition.

Zimbabwean Contenders Shine

While Hollick claimed the spotlight, Zimbabwean golfers left an indelible mark on the tournament. Scott Vincent’s impressive performance, capped by a bogey-free final round of 68, earned him a respectable third-place finish. Despite facing challenges during the tournament, including a turbulent second round, Vincent’s resilience and skill propelled him to the podium.

Rise of Local Talent
The tournament also showcased the rising talent of Zimbabwean contenders Kieran Vincent and Ben Follett-Smith. Kieran’s consistent play throughout the event culminated in a top-six finish, building on his previous year’s success. Meanwhile, Follett-Smith achieved his best-ever finish at the FBC Zimbabwe Open, securing a tied sixth-place position alongside South African MJ Viljoen.
The 2024 FBC Zimbabwe Open provided a platform for golfers to demonstrate their prowess and compete at the highest level. Hollick’s victory underscored the significance of perseverance and skill in the sport, while Zimbabwean contenders showcased their potential on the international stage.

Expanding Horizons
As the golfing world celebrates Hollick’s triumph and acknowledges the resilience of Zimbabwean players, the FBC Zimbabwe Open continues to serve as a beacon for golf enthusiasts worldwide. Beyond the fairways of Royal Harare Golf Club, the tournament’s impact extends to the broader community, fostering a culture of sportsmanship and excellence.

Anticipation for the Future
As the tournament concludes, anticipation mounts for future editions of the FBC Zimbabwe Open. With each passing year, the event attracts top talent from around the globe, fostering camaraderie and competition among players of diverse backgrounds.

Other Performers

Darren Fichardt: Scored a final round of 68, finishing with an overall 18-under par.
Scott Vincent: Secured third place with a bogey-free final round of 68 and an overall 14-under par.
Kieran Vincent: Achieved a top-six finish with consistent rounds of 71, 67, 67, and 71.
Ben Follett-Smith: Carded a 71 in the final round, securing a tied sixth-place finish with an overall 11-under par.
Vincent’s brother, Scott: Struggled in the final round, finishing tied for fourth with a 71, totaling 12-under par.
MJ Viljoen: Tied with Follett-Smith for sixth place, also finishing with an overall 11-under par.

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