Empowering Youth in Zimbabwe: Old Mutual’s Commitment to Tag Rugby Trust

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Old Mutual backs Tag Rugby Trust.
Support empowers youth through rugby.
Inclusivity and outreach initiatives highlighted.
Alignment with Old Mutual’s youth empowerment mission.
Sponsorship extends to community projects

Old Mutual reaffirms its dedication to supporting Tag Rugby Trust, a charitable organization focused on nurturing young individuals through sport. This partnership underscores Old Mutual’s longstanding commitment to youth empowerment and community development through rugby.

Empowering Through Sport: Old Mutual’s Role
Old Mutual has been instrumental in empowering children and fostering positive development through rugby. Since 2011, the company has provided vital support to Tag Rugby Trust, contributing to the organization’s efforts in running leagues and nurturing young athletes.

Expanding Impact: Inclusivity and Outreach
Tag Rugby Trust has prioritized inclusivity and expanded its impact over the years. Efforts to include children and volunteers from diverse backgrounds have been evident, with initiatives reaching beyond main high-density areas. Special programs for children with learning difficulties and vulnerable girls aged 12 to 18 further highlight the organization’s commitment to inclusivity.

Aligning with Youth Empowerment: Old Mutual’s Mission
Lillian Mbayiwa, Old Mutual Zimbabwe’s Group Marketing, Public Affairs, and Sustainability Executive, emphasizes that the company’s support aligns with its mission of youth empowerment. By investing in the development of young athletes, Old Mutual demonstrates its dedication to making a positive impact on youth and fostering a brighter future.

Beyond Leagues: Supporting Community Projects
Old Mutual’s sponsorship extends beyond league support to fund Tag Rugby’s food production project. This initiative brings children from diverse backgrounds together for projects like broiler rearing and rabbit farming. The profits generated benefit the community, while stringent monitoring ensures effective fund utilization.

Gratitude and Impact: Acknowledging Old Mutual’s Support
Taddy Whata, Tag Rugby Trust’s Young Leaders Manager, expresses gratitude to Old Mutual for their ongoing support. He highlights the profound impact made possible through their commitment, emphasizing the meaningful difference created in the lives of young individuals.

Old Mutual’s unwavering commitment to Tag Rugby Trust exemplifies its dedication to youth empowerment and community development. Through their support, the organization continues to reach thousands of young individuals, imparting valuable life skills and creating opportunities for growth.

About the project

Old Mutual supports Tag Rugby Trust, fostering youth development through rugby in Zimbabwe.
Rugby serves as a platform for empowerment and positive impact in the community.
Tag Rugby Trust promotes inclusivity, reaching children from diverse backgrounds nationwide.
The partnership aligns with Old Mutual’s commitment to youth empowerment and community development.
Beyond rugby leagues, funding extends to community projects, benefiting Zimbabwean youth.
Gratitude expressed for Old Mutual’s ongoing support, enhancing opportunities for young individuals.

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