FUFA Delegation to Attend 74th FIFA Congress in Bangkok, Thailand

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The Federation of Ugandan Football Associations (FUFA) is set to be represented by a three-member delegation at the prestigious 74th FIFA Congress scheduled to take place in Bangkok, Thailand, on 17th May 2024. This delegation will be headed by Hon. Magogo Moses Hassim, the President of FUFA, along with the 1st Vice President, Justus Mugisha, and the Chief Executive Officer, Edgar Watson.

Significance of FIFA Congress

This significant event marks the first time that Thailand will host the FIFA Congress, a biennial gathering that brings together representatives from each of FIFA’s member associations worldwide to discuss and make decisions on key matters pertaining to international football governance and development.

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FUFA Delegation to FIFA Congress

Hon. Magogo Moses Hassim, who serves as the President of FUFA, brings a wealth of experience and leadership to the delegation. His presence at the FIFA Congress underscores Uganda’s commitment to actively participating in the global football community and contributing to the advancement of the sport at an international level.

Accompanying him are Justus Mugisha, the 1st Vice President of FUFA, and CEO Edgar Watson. Their presence signifies FUFA’s dedication to engaging with FIFA and other member associations, exchanging knowledge and ideas, and working collaboratively towards the mutual goal of promoting football as a unifying force that transcends borders and cultures.

Key issues discussed at the FIFA Congress

The FIFA Congress serves as a platform for discussion, decision-making, and strategic planning on various issues that impact the world of football, including rule changes, competitions, governance structures, and development initiatives. It provides an opportunity for member associations to share best practices, address challenges, and shape the future direction of the sport.

As FUFA’s delegation prepares to participate in the 74th FIFA Congress in Bangkok, Thailand, they carry with them the aspirations and vision of Ugandan football. Their presence at this global forum showcases Uganda’s commitment to being an active and engaged member of the international football community, cultivating partnerships, and driving positive change within the sport.

The 74th FIFA Congress in Bangkok, Thailand, presents a unique opportunity for FUFA’s delegation to connect with counterparts from around the world, forge alliances, and contribute to the collective efforts aimed at advancing football globally. It is a testament to the spirit of collaboration, unity, and shared passion for the beautiful game that transcends boundaries and unites nations.

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FUFA’s representation at the 74th FIFA Congress in Bangkok, Thailand, exemplifies Uganda’s dedication to football’s growth, development, and success on a global scale. The delegation, led by Hon. Magogo Moses Hassim, stands ready to engage, collaborate, and advocate for the interests of Ugandan football on the international stage, reaffirming the country’s commitment to the beautiful game and its role in fostering unity and progress worldwide.

Bangkok hosts major FIFA event for the first time

The 74th FIFA Congress will take place in Bangkok, Thailand, on 17 May 2024. It will be the first time that Thailand has hosted a FIFA Congress, as 211 Member Associations come together to vote on a number of key issues – including confirmation of the host nation or nations of the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2027.

FIFA President Gianni Infantino has praised the Confederation of African Football (CAF) for the “consistent progress” it and its members have made in developing football on the continent.

A frequent visitor to the continent, including the CAF Africa Cup of Nations in Côte d’Ivoire earlier this year and the CAF Futsal Africa Cup of Nations final in Morocco in April, the FIFA President has witnessed first-hand both the organisational know-how, passion and enthusiasm that exists in Africa.

“The CAF Confederation meeting in Bangkok was a great opportunity for me to reiterate FIFA’s commitment to growing the game in the beautiful, football-loving continent of Africa,” said Mr Infantino after the gathering of FIFA’s African Member Associations ahead of Friday’s 74th FIFA Congress in Thailand’s capital.

“I attended the CAF Africa Cup of Nations earlier this year as well as the CAF Futsal Africa Cup of Nations and the consistent progress is evident. I must also thank and congratulate CAF President Patrice Motsepe for taking a leading role in this regard.

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“The talent in Africa is great and we will keep investing to create more football opportunities for everyone,” the FIFA President said.

While the inaugural African Football League – launched earlier this year – boosted elite club football on a continental level, the progress made by national teams is clear. Morocco became the first African nation to reach the semi-finals of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 and their female counterparts shone on their FIFA Women’s World Cup Australia & New Zealand debut last year, earning a knockout stage place along with two of their African counterparts, South Africa and Nigeria.

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