Menengai Cream Cheetahs Dominate Rugby Super Series Finale

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Cheetahs clinch title with 18-10 win over Lions.
Early dominance and strategic play secured Cheetahs’ victory.
Rhinos’ walkover gave Buffaloes third place due to unpaid dues.
Cheetahs’ teamwork and key players highlighted their success.

Cheetahs Crowned Champions with Convincing Victory
In an exhilarating conclusion to the 2024 Rugby Super Series, the Menengai Cream Cheetahs asserted their dominance with a decisive 18-10 victory over the KCB Lions. The match, held at the RFUEA Grounds on a vibrant Saturday afternoon, confirmed the Cheetahs’ status as the kings of Kenyan rugby.

Early Dominance and Tactical Brilliance
From the outset, the Cheetahs showcased their strategic prowess, applying relentless pressure on the KCB Lions. Their aggressive play forced the Lions into numerous errors, disrupting their ball handling and creating opportunities for the Cheetahs to capitalize on mistakes. This relentless pressure paid off when Quinto Odongo successfully converted a penalty in the 20th minute, putting the Cheetahs on the scoreboard first.

Lions’ Brief Resurgence
The KCB Lions briefly clawed back into the game, with Levy Amunga equalizing through a penalty of their own in the 29th minute. However, the Cheetahs maintained their composure and Odongo once again delivered, converting another penalty just before halftime, giving the Cheetahs a narrow lead heading into the break.

Second Half Showdown
The Lions came out strong in the second half, determined to overturn the deficit. Givens Oduor’s well-executed try momentarily put the Lions ahead, igniting hopes of a comeback. Yet, the Cheetahs quickly responded, with Felix Odhiambo crossing the whitewash to reclaim the lead for the Cheetahs at 11-10.

Sealing the Victory
The Cheetahs continued to assert their dominance, with Ibrahim Ayoo delivering a decisive blow by scoring a well-converted try, extending their lead to 18-10. Despite a brief drizzle towards the end of the match, the Cheetahs maintained their momentum, holding firm to secure the victory.

Dramatic Turn of Events Off the Pitch
The final day’s action was marred by off-field drama as the Faiba Rhinos refused to honor their match against the Kabras Sugar Buffaloes, citing unpaid dues for their participation in the series. This unexpected turn of events forced the organizers to award the Buffaloes a walkover win, securing them a third-place finish in the tournament.

Celebrations and Reflections
At the final whistle, the Cheetahs erupted in jubilant celebration, their victory a testament to their hard work, strategy, and determination throughout the tournament. The Nakuru-based team can look back with immense pride, having navigated the series with unwavering resolve and impressive performances.

Teamwork and Strategy
The Cheetahs’ success was built on a foundation of cohesive teamwork and meticulous strategy. Their ability to pressure opponents into making mistakes and capitalizing on those errors was a hallmark of their play throughout the series.

Key Players
Quinto Odongo’s precision in penalty kicks and Ibrahim Ayoo’s crucial try were standout moments in the final. Felix Odhiambo’s contributions were also pivotal, highlighting the depth and talent within the Cheetahs’ squad.

Off-Field Challenges
The controversy involving the Faiba Rhinos underscored the financial and logistical challenges faced by teams in the series. Ensuring fair compensation and support for all participating teams is essential for the integrity and success of future tournaments.

Performances during the game

Quinto Odongo: Scored 9 points with two crucial penalty conversions, securing the Cheetahs’ early lead and halftime advantage.
Levy Amunga: Contributed 3 points for KCB Lions through a penalty kick, temporarily equalizing the score in the first half.
Givens Oduor: Scored a well-converted try worth 7 points, briefly putting the Lions ahead in the second half.
Ibrahim Ayoo: Secured the Cheetahs’ victory with a decisive try and conversion, contributing 7 points to the final score.

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