Kabras Sugar Seizes Enterprise Cup Victory Amid Zetech Oaks’ Nationwide Triumph

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Zetech Oaks dominate KRU Nationwide finals.
Kabras Sugar clinches third consecutive Enterprise Cup.
Tension-filled match showcases rugby prowess.
Reflects dedication, skill, and sportsmanship.

he KRU Nationwide Finals: Zetech Oaks Shine Bright

In the backdrop of the Enterprise Cup finals, the day kicked off with the KRU Nationwide finals, a clash between Zetech Oaks and the Technical University of Mombasa Marines. What ensued was not just a match, but a display of remarkable prowess and coordination by the Zetech Oaks. From the outset, their strategic offensive maneuvers overwhelmed the Marines, leaving spectators in awe. The Oaks’ resounding 31-13 victory was not just a triumph on the scoreboard but a testament to their dedication and skill.

The Main Event Unfolds: KCB vs. Kabras Sugar

As the sun reached its zenith, all eyes were on the RFUEA Grounds for the much-anticipated Enterprise Cup finals between KCB and the defending champions, Kabras Sugar. The atmosphere crackled with tension as both teams took the field, ready to etch their names in rugby history.

Kabras Strikes First: A Display of Precision

In a match characterized by relentless back-and-forth action, Kabras Sugar drew first blood, swiftly followed by a precise penalty kick from KCB’s Elvis Namusasi. The seesaw of points continued, with Ntabeni Dukisa showcasing his kicking prowess for Kabras. The first half ended with Kabras holding a narrow lead, setting the stage for an electrifying second half.

KCB’s Spirited Fightback: A Glimmer of Hope

Despite Kabras’ early dominance in the second half, KCB’s Shaban Ahmed ignited hope with a brilliant try, supported by Festus Shiasi’s extras. However, Kabras Sugar’s relentless assault seemed unstoppable as they extended their lead with another try, putting KCB’s hopes in jeopardy.

The Final Whistle: Kabras Sugar Clinches Victory

In a testament to their resilience and skill, Kabras Sugar emerged triumphant, securing their third consecutive Enterprise Cup championship. Despite KCB’s valiant efforts, Kabras’ dominance proved insurmountable, leaving fans in awe of their unparalleled performance.

The Enterprise Cup finals were more than just a showcase of rugby prowess; they were a reflection of the dedication, skill, and determination of each team. From Zetech Oaks’ commanding victory in the KRU Nationwide finals to Kabras Sugar’s relentless pursuit of excellence, the day was filled with moments that will be etched in rugby history.

The essence of rugby lies not just in the outcome of a match, but in the passion, teamwork, and sportsmanship displayed on the field. As fans reflect on the electrifying weekend at the RFUEA Grounds, they are reminded of the beauty of the sport and the indomitable spirit of its players.


Elvis Namusasi’s precision with penalty kicks kept KCB in contention, contributing 12 crucial points.
Ntabeni Dukisa showcased his kicking prowess for Kabras Sugar, adding 11 points through successful penalty conversions.
Shaban Ahmed’s brilliant try for KCB injected hope, with Festus Shiasi’s successful conversion bringing the scoreline closer.
Zetech Oaks’ coordinated efforts led by standout players secured a commanding 31-13 victory in the KRU Nationwide finals.

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