Amahoro Stadium Approved by FIFA for International Matches

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Amahoro Stadium’s capacity increased from 25,000 to 45,000.
CAF and FIFA approve stadium for international competitions.
Renovation began in August 2022, now ultra-modern.
Set to host major events and local club matches.

Rwanda’s Amahoro Stadium has recently undergone a significant transformation, positioning itself as a premier venue for international football competitions. The Confederation of African Football (CAF) and FIFA have both given their stamp of approval, recognizing the stadium’s adherence to international standards and its potential to host major football events.

A Leap in Capacity and Standards

The refurbishment of Amahoro Stadium marks a substantial leap in its capacity and facilities. Previously accommodating 25,000 spectators, the stadium now boasts a capacity of 45,000, making it one of the largest and most modern stadiums in Africa. This upgrade aligns with the global trend of enhancing sports infrastructure to accommodate larger audiences and provide better amenities for both players and fans.

Official Approval and Inspections

CAF’s letter, dated June 13, highlights the rigorous inspection process that the stadium underwent. Described as “one of the best venues in the African continent,” the stadium has met all the minimum requirements set by CAF for hosting international matches. This certification paves the way for Amahoro Stadium to host a range of prestigious events, including upcoming CAF and FIFA competitions.

Construction and Modernization Efforts

The renovation of Amahoro Stadium began in August 2022, with construction giants SUMMA and Real Contractors at the helm. Their work has involved not just expanding the seating capacity but also upgrading the stadium’s facilities to meet ultra-modern standards. This includes improved player amenities, state-of-the-art lighting and sound systems, and enhanced spectator comfort and safety features.

Inauguration and Upcoming Events

The stadium’s first test will come on June 15, with a high-profile match between local rivals APR FC and Rayon Sports. This event will serve as a precursor to the official inauguration on July 4, a date that coincides with Rwanda’s 30th Liberation Day celebrations. The timing of this inauguration is symbolic, underscoring the nation’s progress and its ambitions on the international sports stage.

International Competitions on the Horizon

Amahoro Stadium’s certification opens the door for Rwanda to host significant international events. The qualifiers for the Africa Cup of Nations 2025, set to begin in September, could see Rwanda as a key host. Additionally, the stadium will host the Veterans Club World Championship from September 1-10, an event that promises to draw attention from football fans worldwide.

Impact on Local Football

The upgraded stadium will also serve as the home ground for local clubs APR FC and Police FC, who will represent Rwanda in the CAF Champions League and the Confederation Cup, respectively. This move is expected to boost local football, providing teams with a world-class facility to train and compete, thereby raising the standard of football in the country.

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