Uganda’s Junior Gazelles and Junior Silverbacks Shine in FIBA U18 Zone V Championship Semi-finals

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Uganda’s Junior Gazelles and Silverbacks excel in FIBA U18 Zone V.
Gazelles dominate Tanzania; Silverbacks triumph over Tanzania.
Both teams face Rwanda in finals for championship spots.
Uganda aims for redemption in FIBA U18 Africa Championships

Uganda’s budding basketball talents are making waves on the international stage, as the Junior Gazelles and Junior Silverbacks dominate the FIBA U18 Zone V Championship, inching closer to securing coveted spots in the upcoming FIBA U18 Africa Championships. Let’s delve into their impressive journey and the players who are driving their success.

Dominance in the Semifinals

Junior Gazelles: A Display of Offensive Prowess

The Junior Gazelles asserted their dominance in a commanding semifinal victory against Tanzania, sealing a convincing 100-56 win. Led by Resty Nanangwe’s stellar performance, which included a double-double with 20 points and 13 rebounds, Uganda showcased an explosive offense. Nanangwe received robust support from Modesty Anyango, Shiphrah Kiranda, Abigail Mpoza, and Christine Namyalo, all contributing double-digit points. Despite efforts from Tanzania’s Elizabeth Laizer and Namsifu Kimera, Uganda’s relentless offensive strategy proved insurmountable.

Junior Silverbacks: Balanced Attack

In parallel, the Junior Silverbacks mirrored the Gazelles’ success with a resounding 104-41 victory over Tanzania in the boys’ category. The team demonstrated a balanced attack with Brighton Galiwango, Mukisa Nkugwa, Peter Sserunjogi, Tejan Joel Rugette, and Aaron Victor Makmot all scoring in double digits. Every player on Uganda’s roster made significant contributions, highlighting their depth and cohesive play. Tanzania struggled to match the Silverbacks’ intensity, underscoring Uganda’s formidable presence in the tournament.

Road to the Finals

Junior Gazelles vs. Rwanda: A Clash for Glory

The Junior Gazelles are set to face Rwanda in the final showdown. This match not only determines the Zone V Championship winner but also offers a ticket to the FIBA U18 Africa Championships in Johannesburg. With their exceptional teamwork and individual brilliance, Uganda aims to secure their place among Africa’s top young basketball teams.

Junior Silverbacks Eyeing Redemption

Similarly, the Junior Silverbacks will battle Rwanda in their final, driven by the opportunity to showcase their talent on a continental stage. Having missed out in 2022, Uganda’s boys are determined to clinch their spot in the upcoming championships, fueled by their recent dominant performances.

Notable All round performances

The Junior Gazelles secured a commanding 100-56 victory over Tanzania, led by Resty Nanangwe’s impressive double-double (20 points, 13 rebounds).

Meanwhile, the Junior Silverbacks demonstrated a balanced offensive display with five players scoring in double digits in their resounding 104-41 win against Tanzania.

Both teams are poised for finals against Rwanda, eyeing qualification for the FIBA U18 Africa Championships in Johannesburg after standout performances in the FIBA U18 Zone V Championship.

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