Tanzania Introduces VAR Technology in NBC Premier League for Fair Play

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• Tanzania’s NBC Premier League to use VAR next season

• Early preparation for Pamoja Afcon 2027

• Enhancement of the National team standards of play

• #UgSportsNow

In a significant move towards enhancing fairness and accuracy in football, the government of Tanzania has announced the adoption of Video Assistant Referee (VAR) technology in the upcoming season of the NBC Premier League. This landmark decision was confirmed by the Finance Minister, Mwigulu Nchemba, during the presentation of the 2024/25 National Budget Estimates at the Parliament in Dodoma.

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Tanzania’s NBC Premier League to use VAR next season

The introduction of VAR in the NBC Premier League is a progressive step that underscores Tanzania’s commitment to ensuring transparency and integrity in football competitions. The implementation of this technology will serve to minimize errors in crucial decision-making processes during matches, thereby promoting fair play and boosting confidence in the league’s officiating standards.

“I would like to inform this esteemed Parliament that in the next season of the NBC Premier League, we will start using Video Assistant Referee (VAR) to ensure fair decisions by referees on the field,” he said as quoted by Daily News.

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The minister proposed an exemption for importation of VAR machines to ensure their availability in respective stadia to stage the matches. “To ensure availability of VAR in all stadiums, I propose an exemption for importation of VAR machines and peripheral accessories. Clarification will be provided later. It is possible!” he remarked.

Tanzania starts early preparation for Pamoja Afcon 2027

The installation of VAR is an integral part of the preparations for the 2027 African Cup of Nations, which Tanzania will co-host with Uganda and Kenya. The government is committed to hosting the finals and preparations are underway, including the construction of the Samia Football Stadium in Arusha.

Enhancement of the National team standards of play

Additionally, there is an emphasis on the Tanzania Football Federation preparing the national team well, to ensure that the trophy remains at home.

“I urge the Tanzania Football Federation to prepare our national team so that the trophy remains home. Further, I commend our national football team; Taifa Stars for qualifying for the Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) for the third time in our nation’s history, and our national women’s football team, Twiga Stars to qualify for the WAFCON tournament, which will be held in 2024 in Morocco,” he said.

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VAR has emerged as a game-changer in modern football, offering referees the opportunity to review contentious incidents, such as goals, penalties, red cards, and cases of mistaken identity, through video replays. By providing officials with access to enhanced visual assistance, VAR aims to reduce instances of human error and facilitate more accurate outcomes on the field.

The use of VAR technology in the NBC Premier League is poised to elevate the overall quality of officiating, ensuring that matches are adjudicated with precision and impartiality. This development aligns with global trends in football governance, where VAR has become a staple feature in top-tier leagues and major tournaments around the world.

The decision to implement VAR reflects a proactive approach by the Tanzanian authorities to embrace innovation and best practices in sports administration. By leveraging technology to enhance the quality of refereeing, the government seeks to uphold the principles of fair competition and uphold the integrity of the NBC Premier League.

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