Ugandan Schools Race Against Time for FEASSA Games

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Minister Ogwang urges faster preparations for FEASSA games.
President Museveni to attend, marking historic event.
Backup plan with Namilyango College as alternative host.
Emphasis on fair play and team readiness.

Minister Ogwang Urges Swift Action

In a bid to ensure readiness for the upcoming FEASSA games, Minister of State for Sports and Chairman of the Local Organizing Committee (LOC), Hon. Peter Ogwang, conducted a pre-inspection tour of Bukedea Comprehensive School and Amus College School. The tour was a crucial step ahead of the FEASSA delegation’s visit from June 17th to 20th, 2024, aimed at evaluating the schools’ accommodation and sports facilities.

Key Figures in Attendance

Minister Ogwang was joined by prominent officials, including USSSA President Justus Mugisha, Hajji Twahil Kiteezaala (Commissioner of Physical Education), Rev. Dr. Ducans Mugumya, and the headteachers of the host schools, Opio Richard of Amus College and Jona Gumisiriza of Bukedea Comprehensive School. President emeritus Patrick Okanya was also part of the entourage.

Inspection Findings and Minister’s Concerns

The inspection began at Amus College School in Eastern Uganda, where the team evaluated five playgrounds, three basketball courts, and the accommodation facilities. Despite some progress, Minister Ogwang expressed his disappointment with the slow pace of work, especially concerning the playing facilities.

“With only 40 days left, we cannot be in this state of progress. We have to double our efforts because this benefits Uganda as a country,” Ogwang emphasized. Despite the setbacks, he remained optimistic that Uganda could still host the games successfully in August. He committed to continuous supervision from both himself and the LOC to ensure timely completion of the necessary preparations.

Presidential Involvement

A significant highlight of the minister’s address was the announcement that President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni and First Lady Janet Kataha Museveni, who also serves as the Minister of Education and Sports, would be guests of honor at the event. This unprecedented involvement underscores the importance of the games for Uganda.

Assurance from USSSA President

USSSA President Justus Mugisha praised Minister Ogwang for his leadership and reassured stakeholders of the committee’s confidence in the minister’s capabilities. “We thank you for accepting to be the chairman of the NOC. We know that you have never failed,” Mugisha stated. He also acknowledged the trust in the host schools’ leadership while revealing a contingency plan with Namilyango College as an alternative host if needed.

Historical Hosting and Future Prospects

Uganda is poised to host the FEASSA games for the sixth time, marking a historic moment with the anticipated attendance of the head of state. Mugisha highlighted the significance of this event, noting that it would be the first time in the 21 editions of the games that a head of state would grace the event. He urged for collective support for the two schools to ensure successful hosting.

Ensuring Readiness and Fair Play

Mugisha also reassured the minister about the readiness of the Ugandan teams, emphasizing their national and international experience. He committed to strict measures to prevent over-aged players from participating, ensuring fair competition.

Comprehensive Preparation Checklist

The preparation checklist for the FEASSA games includes accommodation facilities, playing fields, medical services, transportation accessibility, utilities, and other logistical aspects. The successful hosting of these games is seen as a stepping stone for Uganda, enhancing its reputation and readiness for future continental events, including the AFCON.

Looking Back and Ahead

Uganda last hosted the FEASSA games in Gulu, Northern Uganda. This year’s event is a chance for the country to showcase its improved organizational capabilities and solidify its position as a prime location for major sports events in Africa. With concerted efforts from the government, schools, and organizing committees, Uganda aims to deliver an exceptional experience for all participants and spectators.

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