Young Elephant’s Future Remains Uncertain as the Club is Put on Sale

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• Club President values it at $4,000

• Reason for selling Young Elephant

• Controversial qualification to Big League

• Elephant’s Big League poor run

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Young Elephant FC Nwoya, a regional league side in Uganda, has been put up for sale at Ugx 15 million, approximately $4,000. The club was recently relegated from the FUFA Big League, which is the second division of Ugandan football.

What prompted club President to put it on sale

The decision to sell the club came after the club’s President, who also owns another successful club that gained promotion from the 4th division to the Regional League, decided to focus on the promoted club and let go of Young Elephant FC.

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Young Elephant FC’s time in the FUFA Big League was brief, as they only spent a single season in the second tier league during the 2023/24 campaign. This season was marred by controversy, as their qualification to the league raised eyebrows in the West Nile region of Uganda.

Drama at FUFA Big League Play-offs: Kochi Urban Abandons Match Amid Controversial Calls

One particularly controversial incident occurred during their playoff game against Kochi Urban FC, which was abandoned halfway through the return leg at Anaka Primary School playground.

In a recent match at Anaka Primary School grounds in Nwoya, tension and drama marred the FUFA Big League play-offs second leg clash between Kochi Urban and Young Elephant. The match, which took place on June 18, witnessed Kochi Urban abandoning the game in the 65th minute following a contentious decision.

The showdown began with Kochi Urban hosting FUFA regional league champions, Northern, in the first leg at Boma Grounds in Yumbe district, where they secured a narrow 1-0 victory. However, the second leg saw a shift in momentum, with Young Elephant proving to be a formidable challenge for the visiting team.

The Nwoya-based side managed to level the aggregate score to 1-1 in the first half by finding the back of the net. As tensions rose on the pitch, Young Elephant doubled their lead in the second half with a second goal, leaving Kochi Urban struggling to keep up.

In a pivotal moment in the game, controversy struck with a possible ‘goal-no-goal’ situation. Lacking technology like the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) for a comprehensive review, the referee had to make a critical call. Despite the uncertainty surrounding the goal, the referee stood by his decision, sparking dissent from the Kochi Urban contingent.

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Disappointed by the referee’s ruling and aggrieved by the perceived bias, Kochi Urban players and the technical bench opted to walk out of the pitch in protest. Despite attempts to persuade them to continue the match, their resolve remained unyielding, leading to the match’s premature end.

Elephant’s Big League poor run

While in the FUFA Big League, Young Elephant FC managed to accumulate just 19 points during the season, with 4 wins, 7 draws, and 16 losses.

The team’s performance saw them finish 13th out of 15 teams in the league standings, ultimately leading to their relegation back to the regional league. The club’s relegation and subsequent sale mark a significant turning point in their history, as they look towards rebuilding and regaining their standing in Ugandan football.

The sale of Young Elephant FC presents an opportunity for potential investors or football enthusiasts to acquire a club with a history in Ugandan football and a potential for growth and development. As the club looks to move on from their relegation setback, the future of Young Elephant FC remains uncertain, but full of possibilities for those willing to invest in their success.

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