Thrilling Wins Propel APR and REG to Top of the Rwanda Basketball League

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Axel Mpoyo leads APR to victory over Kigali Titans.
APR dominates second half to win 101-69.
REG thrashes Orion with a 118-57 win.
Patriots face Kepler in crucial upcoming matchup

Axel Mpoyo Shines as APR Dominates Kigali Titans

On Friday, June 21, the Rwanda Basketball League witnessed a spectacular performance by Axel Mpoyo, whose outstanding play led APR to a decisive victory over Kigali Titans. Mpoyo’s stellar 30-point contribution was instrumental in APR’s 101-69 triumph, pushing the team to the top of the league standings.

A Balanced Start

The game, held at the Lycee de Kigali gymnasium, began with both teams showcasing their skills and delivering an exciting first quarter. The score was tied at 22-22, reflecting the evenly matched intensity and competitive spirit of the two teams. Spectators were treated to a dynamic display of basketball, with players from both sides executing sharp plays and defensive maneuvers.

APR Takes Control

As the game progressed into the second quarter, APR started to assert their dominance. They outscored Kigali Titans 25-18, ending the first half with a 47-40 lead. This shift in momentum was crucial, as it allowed APR to build confidence and take control of the game. The team’s cohesive defense and effective ball movement set the stage for a strong second half.

A Commanding Second Half

In the second half, APR continued to build on their lead. Under the guidance of Coach Maze Trakh, the team displayed exceptional teamwork and strategic execution. They outperformed Kigali Titans in both the third and fourth quarters, winning 27-18 and 27-11 respectively. This dominant performance ensured a comfortable victory for APR, solidifying their position at the top of the league table.

Standout Performances

Axel Mpoyo was undoubtedly the star of the night, with his 30-point performance leading the charge for APR. However, he was not alone in contributing to the team’s success. Osborn Shema achieved a double-double with 17 points and 10 rebounds, showcasing his versatility and impact on both ends of the court. Chris Ruta also added 15 points, further bolstering APR’s offensive strength.

REG’s Resounding Victory Over Orion

In another impressive display of basketball, REG triumphed over Orion with a staggering 118-57 win. This game highlighted REG’s offensive prowess and defensive tenacity, as they overwhelmed Orion from the start. The victory was a clear statement of REG’s intentions to compete fiercely in the league.

Upcoming Matches

The excitement in the Rwanda Basketball League continues on Saturday, June 22, with a highly anticipated matchup between Patriots and Kepler at the Lycee de Kigali gymnasium. This game is crucial for the Patriots, who are looking to reclaim their top spot in the standings. A win against Kepler would secure their position at the summit of the league table, adding further intrigue to an already thrilling season.

Key Performances

Axel Mpoyo scored a team-high 30 points, leading APR to a 101-69 victory over Kigali Titans.

Osborn Shema achieved a double-double, contributing 17 points and grabbing 10 rebounds for APR.

Chris Ruta added significant support for APR’s offense, contributing 15 points in their dominant win.

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