Triumph and Resilience: The Unseen Stories from Lugogo Indoor Arena

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Matovu dominates Mukwaya in welterweight bout, wins 5-0.
Kibira impresses in light middleweight debut with quick victory.
Depark shines in lightweight division, wins 5-0 unanimously.
Women’s and junior categories show competitive spirit and skill.

In the heart of Kampala, amidst the rhythmic cheers and focused gazes, the Lugogo Indoor Arena became a theater of sweat, strategy, and triumph. Last Saturday, under the watchful eyes of dignitaries like Makindye division’s Mayor Ali Kasirye Mulyanyama and Uganda Boxing Federation President Moses Muhangi, the Bombers Captain Ukasha Matovu carved his name deeper into the annals of Ugandan boxing history.

Matovu vs. Mukwaya: A Display of Skill and Tenacity

The bout that stole the spotlight featured Ukasha Matovu of COBAP Boxing Club and Edward Mukwaya of Kiwatule. Matovu, known affectionately as Ukasha Lee by his fervent supporters, entered the welterweight contest with a clear intent — to dominate. His opponent, Mukwaya, the National Open silver medalist, proved resilient, extending the fight to five intense rounds.

Despite Mukwaya’s efforts, Matovu’s strategic prowess and sheer determination were undeniable. The unanimous 5-0 decision in Matovu’s favor spoke volumes about his skill and preparation. Reflecting on his victory, Matovu humbly attributed his success to a higher power, stating, “I am so grateful to the Most High.” He expressed heartfelt thanks to his fans and supporters, whose unwavering encouragement fueled his performance.

Owen Kibira’s Electrifying Debut in a New Category

Before the main event, Owen Kibira electrified the arena with a stunning performance in the light middleweight category. Moving up from the welterweight division, Kibira’s resolve was evident as he swiftly defeated Serugo Bashir from Zebra Boxing Club early in the first round. This victory marked Kibira’s promising debut in the Uganda Boxing Champions League season, setting a strong tone for his aspirations in the new weight class.

Mawanda Depark and the Rise of Lightweight Elite Contenders

In another compelling matchup, Mawanda Depark of East Coast demonstrated his dominance in the lightweight elite division. His unanimous 5-0 victory over Mutaasa Ashraf showcased not only his technical prowess but also his strategic finesse, setting the stage for exciting future bouts in the 71Kg category.

Heavyweight Showdown: Aziz Ringo’s Narrow Triumph

The heavyweights also left an indelible mark on the evening’s proceedings. Aziz Ringo’s improved performance earned him a hard-fought victory over Baraka James in a closely contested bout, decided by a split 3-2 decision. Their clash highlighted the raw power and tactical maneuvers characteristic of the heavyweight division.

Juniors and Women’s Categories: Grit and Glory

In the juniors’ categories, Mutwalib Mahab of Kololo Boxing Club celebrated a significant win in the pin weight division, reflecting on the profound impact of community support on his journey to victory. His emotional gratitude resonated deeply with the spectators, embodying the spirit of youthful determination and aspiration.

The women’s categories were equally compelling, with Sauda Muhammed of Police emerging victorious over Fatuma Nabikolo in a closely reviewed split decision. This outcome underscored the intensity and competitiveness that define women’s boxing in Uganda, showcasing the skill and resilience of both athletes.

Anticipating Week Four at Club Obligato

As the Uganda Boxing Champions League season progresses, anticipation mounts for the upcoming matches at Club Obligato on July 6th, 2024. With contenders like Broline Kimbugwe and National Open Gold medalist Nerrick Tumusiime poised to take the stage, the league promises to deliver more exhilarating moments and unforgettable performances.


Matovu’s commanding victory over Mukwaya in the welterweight bout, securing a 5-0 unanimous decision.
Kibira’s dynamic debut in the light middleweight category, scoring a quick knockout seconds into the first round.
Depark’s strategic mastery in the lightweight division, clinching a resounding 5-0 win over his opponent.

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