APR Secures Hard-Fought Victory Against UGB: A Closer Look at Ntore Habimana’s Stellar Performance

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APR defeats UGB 85-76 with Habimana’s standout performance.
UGB leads at halftime but falters in the second half.
Key contributions from Axel Mpoyo and Jean Jacques Wilson.
Espoir triumphs over Kigali Titans, moving to fourth place.

Espoir 103-82 Kigali Titans

In a gripping contest at the Lycée de Kigali gymnasium, APR managed to secure an 85-76 victory over United Generation Basketball (UGB) on Wednesday night, June 26. The win, which saw APR maintain their lead in the ongoing Rwanda Basketball League, was largely driven by a standout performance from star guard Ntore Habimana. His impressive 24 points, 8 rebounds, and 10 assists were crucial in steering his team to victory.

The Battle Begins: UGB’s Early Dominance

The game kicked off with both teams displaying intense energy and competitiveness. APR took an early lead, ending the first quarter 18-14. However, UGB quickly responded, showcasing their determination and tactical prowess. They outscored APR 19-12 in the second quarter, heading into halftime with a 33-30 advantage. This comeback was fueled by UGB’s aggressive defense and effective ball movement, which kept APR on their toes.

Ntore Habimana’s Influence

Ntore Habimana’s performance was the highlight of the night. His ability to control the game was evident as he contributed significantly in scoring, rebounding, and playmaking. Habimana’s court vision and leadership were pivotal in APR’s offensive strategies, allowing his team to capitalize on scoring opportunities and maintain their composure under pressure. His near triple-double performance (24 points, 8 rebounds, 10 assists) exemplified his all-around capabilities and importance to the team.

Second-Half Surge: APR’s Resilience

Coming into the second half, APR made crucial adjustments that paid off. The team looked more cohesive and energized, making fewer defensive mistakes and executing their plays more efficiently. This strategic shift allowed APR to outscore UGB 31-24 in the third quarter, regaining the lead. The final quarter saw APR maintaining their momentum, securing a 24-19 advantage and ultimately sealing the victory.

Key Contributors: Beyond Habimana

While Habimana’s performance was central to the win, other players also stepped up. Axel Mpoyo and Jean Jacques Wilson Nshobozwabyosenumukiza each added 16 points, providing critical support on both ends of the court. Their scoring and defensive efforts complemented Habimana’s playmaking, creating a balanced team dynamic that UGB struggled to counter.

UGB’s Effort: A Valient Fight

Despite the loss, UGB’s performance was commendable. Mlosevic Nemanja led the charge with an impressive 29 points, demonstrating his scoring prowess. Junior Patrick added 22 points, and team captain Shaffi Habineza contributed 10 points. Their efforts kept UGB in the game until the final quarter, highlighting the team’s resilience and competitive spirit.

Espoir’s Triumph Over Kigali Titans

In another notable game, Espoir defeated Kigali Titans 103-82, moving up to fourth place in the standings. This victory underscored Espoir’s offensive strength and strategic gameplay, as they dominated the Titans from start to finish.

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