Disruption in Kigali: Rwanda Cancels Veterans’ Club World Championship

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Rwanda cancels VCWC 2024 in Kigali.
Government ends partnership with EasyGroup.
Visit Rwanda branding disassociated from event.
Future of VCWC location uncertain, but organizers determined.

In a surprising turn of events, Rwanda has decided to cancel the inaugural Veterans’ Club World Championship (VCWC) slated to take place from September 1-10 in Kigali. This decision, announced by the Rwanda Development Board (RDB) on June 26, marks a significant setback for both the organizers and the participants eagerly awaiting this unique football tournament.

Government Announcement Shakes the Tournament’s Foundations

The cancellation follows the termination of a three-year partnership between the Rwandan government and EasyGroup, the event’s organizers. This partnership, which began with high hopes and expectations, was mutually ended after careful consideration. The RDB’s decision underscores the complexities and challenges inherent in hosting large-scale international events, particularly in the face of logistical, financial, and strategic considerations.

Impact on Branding and Tourism

Beyond the immediate disappointment for football fans and participants, the cancellation also impacts Rwanda’s branding efforts. The Visit Rwanda campaign, which has been instrumental in promoting the country as a tourist destination, will no longer be associated with any marketing activities related to the VCWC. This shift in strategy reflects Rwanda’s commitment to aligning its tourism and branding efforts with sustainable and impactful initiatives.

Rise and Fall of the Partnership

The decision to cancel the VCWC 2024 comes just over a year after Rwanda enthusiastically signed a partnership deal with EasyGroup. This agreement aimed to position Rwanda as the host for three consecutive editions of the tournament, showcasing the country’s hospitality and infrastructure capabilities on a global stage. The sudden reversal highlights the volatility of international partnerships and the need for robust contingency planning in event management.

Uncertain Future for the Championship

Despite the setback, EasyGroup remains determined to navigate the challenges and uncertainties surrounding the VCWC. While the Kigali edition stands cancelled, discussions are underway regarding alternative venues and dates for future editions. Fred Siewe, the founder and president of VCWC, has reassured stakeholders of their commitment to delivering a world-class event, albeit under changed circumstances.

Legends and Aspirations

Initially, the VCWC generated considerable excitement with its star-studded lineup of retired football legends, including luminaries like Ronaldinho, Michael Owen, George Weah, and local hero Jimmy Gatete. Their involvement was set to not only celebrate football excellence but also foster international goodwill and cultural exchange in Rwanda. The cancellation deprives both fans and participants of an anticipated opportunity to witness these icons in action on Rwandan soil.

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