Anticipation Builds as Top Golfers Gear Up for the NCBA Golf Series in Tanzania

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NCBA Golf Series starts at Arusha Gymkhana Club.
Extensive preparations and superior prizes offered.
Multiple competitive categories for diverse participants.
Future events at Zanzibar Sea Cliff and third venue.

Arusha Gymkhana Club to Host Thrilling Opener

Golf enthusiasts across the country are abuzz as the much-anticipated NCBA Golf Series is set to commence. This prestigious regional golf tour will kick off at the picturesque Arusha Gymkhana Club (AGC), known for its challenging 9-hole course.

Preparations in Full Swing

Iman Alfayo, one of the series coordinators, shared his excitement with the ‘Daily News’ in Dar es Salaam. “Preparations are complete for the 18-hole showdown, and we expect Arusha city to be electrified by the event,” Alfayo said. The NCBA Golf Series is renowned for its superior entry packages and rewarding winners’ prizes, including an all-expenses-paid trip to the grand finale in Kenya. This year is no exception.

An Inclusive and Competitive Event

The series has seen an overwhelming response, with golfers from all over Tanzania registering to participate. “We are thrilled with the response for the first series in Arusha,” Alfayo noted. He also highlighted the impressive array of prizes, such as the exclusive NCBA branded staff bag, and mentioned the various categories players will compete in: Men’s Division A, B, and C, Ladies, Seniors, and Juniors.

Elevating Amateur Golf

Alfayo emphasized the significance of such competitions in nurturing elite amateur golfers. Prudence Kamugisha, Vice-Chairman of the Tanzania Golf Union (TGU), echoed this sentiment. “I’m super excited and looking forward to the NCBA series. The level of competition and the fabulous prizes make this event truly special,” Kamugisha remarked. He believes the event will attract top-tier players vying for a spot in the grand finale in Kenya.

AGC’s Preparations and Unique Challenges

Cyril Brown, former AGC Competition Secretary, expressed his anticipation for hosting the NCBA tournament. “Our course is in excellent condition thanks to our dedicated greenkeepers. We look forward to welcoming players and ensuring they enjoy our facilities,” Brown said. He also noted the unique challenges presented by the course’s layout, which includes numerous trees and water features.

Ensuring a Memorable Event

Love Lordia, the Handicap Secretary, assured that Arusha has made all necessary arrangements to stage an unforgettable event. The meticulous planning and attention to detail promise to enhance the overall experience for participants and spectators alike.

A Series Spanning Three Venues

The NCBA Golf Series will not be confined to Arusha. After the opening event, the series will move to the scenic Zanzibar Sea Cliff course, offering another set of challenges and breathtaking views. The series will then conclude at a third venue, promising a thrilling journey for all involved.

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