Northern Gateway SC:Contingent of 22 players set off for the only Big League slot playoff

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• Who joins the other three in the FUFA Big League?

• Ground still leveled for both sides

• Only remaining slot for either club

• Northern Gateway SC traveling contingent

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Northern Gateway SC, the Northern Regional League Champions, are gearing up for an important clash as they travel to Paidha, Zombo district to face Paidha Black Angels SC in the Regional League Promotional Playoff return leg. The first leg held at Gates Stadium in Lira City ended in a stalemate with both teams failing to capitalize on numerous goal-scoring opportunities.

Ground still leveled for both sides

The upcoming match carries significant weight for both teams as they battle for a coveted spot in the Big League, the second tier of Ugandan football. With the score tied at 0-0 from the first leg, Paidha Black Angels SC hold a slight advantage as they were the away team. However, Northern Gateway SC can turn the tables by utilizing the away goal rule to their benefit. If they are unable to secure an away win, they will need to secure a draw with any number of goals to advance to the next stage.

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Only one slot remains for either club

The Regional League Promotional Playoff has seen fierce competition, with three of the four Big League slots already taken by Myda FC, Ntugasazi FC, and Buhimba United Saints FC. The final slot is up for grabs, with either Paidha Black Angels SC or Northern Gateway SC poised to claim it in the crucial return leg clash scheduled for Sunday, June 30, 2024, at Barokoro Stadium in Zombo district.

The journey to the playoffs has been a testament to the resilience and determination of both teams, as they have battled through the regional leagues to earn their spot in this high-stakes encounter. The upcoming match promises to be a thrilling spectacle as Northern Gateway SC looks to overcome the odds and secure their passage to the Big League.

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As the contingent of 22 players from Northern Gateway SC sets off for Zombo, the anticipation and excitement surrounding the match are palpable. The players, coaching staff, and fans alike are all rallying behind their team in hopes of achieving victory and making a mark in Ugandan football history.

Northern Gateway SC traveling contingent

Moses Olila
Ceaser Acar

Ivan Olum
David Kilama
Herbert Okello
Henry Okello
Shadrach Ojok
Eric Atono
Emmanuel Odur
Gerald Bua
Raphael Ogwal
Timothy Anok

Jaspher Okello
Alan Atala
Daniel Oming
Dan Ojok
Joshua Abila
Benjamin Ario
Kasim Ocen
Jacob Adoko

Emmanuel Ongom
Daniel Otim
Daniel Ayo
Denis Ojii
Mark Okello

Head Coach – Simon Ayoka
Assistant Coach – Sunday Toxic Opige
Lansomeo Obemo
Team Doctor – Sam Ocoo
Public Relations – Bua Emmy

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The clash between Northern Gateway SC and Paidha Black Angels SC is not just a game; it is a test of resilience, skill, and determination. Both teams will leave it all on the field in a bid to fulfill their dreams of advancing to the next level of competition. Only time will tell which team will emerge victorious and secure that final coveted spot in the Big League.

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