Mpigi Zone Excels in Ball Games II Finals

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Mpigi Zone excels in diverse sports competitions.
Youth talent showcased in under 16 championships.
Football and netball champions crowned with pride.
Athletes prepare to represent Mpigi in national competitions.

The vibrant sports community of Mpigi Zone converged on June 27, 2024, at St. Joseph of Nazareth in Mpigi district for the exhilarating conclusion of the Ball Games II. This day marked not only the culmination of intense competitions but also a celebration of talent, dedication, and community spirit.

Diverse Competitions Showcase Excellence

The finals featured an impressive array of disciplines, showcasing Mpigi’s multifaceted sporting talent. From the lightning-fast sprints of athletics to the strategic maneuvers of 3×3 basketball, and the graceful agility of Dance Sport, each event captivated spectators with its unique blend of skill and passion.

Youthful Ambitions in Under 16 Championships

Earlier, in Gomba district, young athletes from Bukandula Mixed and Kabulasoke PTC set the stage on fire with spirited matches in volleyball, netball, and football. These early contests underscored Mpigi’s commitment to nurturing young talent and fostering a love for sports among its youth.

Football Triumphs and Team Glory

In a thrilling boys’ football final, Royal Giant High School Mityana displayed their dominance, scoring two unanswered goals against Kisozi Seed School to clinch the championship. Meanwhile, Highway SS Kiganda emerged victorious in the girls’ division, demonstrating their prowess on the field and inspiring future generations of female athletes.

A Heartfelt Thank You

Reflecting on the event’s success, Ssebanenya Vincent, Chairperson of Mpigi Zone, expressed gratitude to all participants and organizers. “We are immensely grateful for the enthusiasm and sportsmanship shown throughout the competition. Our teams are now eagerly preparing to showcase their skills in Soroti. A special thanks to the directors, head teachers, and dedicated games teachers whose unwavering support made this event possible.”

Netball Excellence and Intense Rivalries

The netball courts witnessed intense battles among top schools such as Ssingo SS, Kyasanku Hill College, and Ngando SS. Ultimately, Ngando SS emerged triumphant, lifting the girls’ trophy amidst cheers and applause, showcasing their skill and determination on the court.

Standout Performances and Rising Stars

Individual brilliance shone through in various disciplines. Atiku Fred of St. Lawrence Paris Palais dazzled in beach soccer, guiding his team to victory with remarkable finesse and strategic play. In Dance Sport, Ishimwe Shamim and Ntulume of St. Lawrence Paris Palais and St. Lawrence Crown City respectively, mesmerized the audience with their graceful movements and artistic flair, setting a high standard for future competitors.

The Road Ahead: Mpigi’s Proud Representatives

Looking forward, Mpigi Zone’s finest athletes are set to represent their community with pride and determination:

  • Netball: Ngando SS and Gombe SS
  • Football (Boys): Royal Giant Mityana and Kisozi Seed SS
  • Football (Girls): Highway SS Kiganda and Shammah High, Mityana
  • Basketball (Girls): Gombe SS and St. Maria Goretti Katende
  • Volleyball (Boys): Mubende Army and St. Balikudembe
  • Volleyball (Girls): St. Balikudembe and Kitenga SS, Mubende
  • Basketball (Boys): St. Lawrence Paris Palais
  • Dance Sport (Boys): St. Balikudembe
  • Dance Sport (Girls): St. Lawrence Paris Palais
  • Beach Soccer (Boys): Mubende Army
  • Beach Soccer (Girls): Destiny Eagles Katende

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