Premier Soccer League: Mapeza Prepares FC Platinum for TelOne Showdown with Tactical Precision

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FC Platinum aims to continue strong form against TelOne.
TelOne seeks to escape relegation with recent improvements.
Coach Mapeza emphasizes tactical discipline and efficiency.
The match showcases contrasting team objectives and coaching strategies.

As FC Platinum prepares for their Castle Lager Premier Soccer League clash against TelOne at Bata Stadium in Gweru tomorrow, Coach Norman Mapeza is anticipating a formidable challenge. With his team in excellent form, having secured four wins and one draw in their last five matches, Mapeza knows the encounter will test his squad’s mettle against a team fighting to escape the relegation zone.

FC Platinum’s Recent Dominance

FC Platinum has been in a dominant position, showcasing consistent performances that have propelled them to the upper echelons of the league. The team’s recent success can be attributed to their tactical discipline and the depth of their squad. This momentum is something Mapeza aims to maintain as they face a resurgent TelOne.

“We don’t have any complaints despite those two guys who are with the national team,” Mapeza said, emphasizing the readiness of his team despite the absence of key players. “We have Bothwell Nzori who is not here due to a family bereavement.”

TelOne’s Fight for Survival

On the other side, TelOne, nicknamed the Wi-Fi Boys, are fighting for survival. Their recent 2-1 victory over Arenel Movers in Bulawayo marked their third win of the season and lifted them out of the drop zone for the first time since Herbert Maruwa took charge in May. This victory is a significant morale booster for a team that has struggled to find consistency in their return to top-flight football.

Herbert Maruwa, who replaced Tendai Chikuni, has managed to steer TelOne to one win, two draws, and one loss in his four matches at the helm. This modest improvement is crucial for a team desperate to avoid relegation.

The Tactical Battle Ahead

Mapeza is well aware of the challenge that TelOne presents, particularly given their recent improvements under Maruwa. “We are playing a good team. They started very well, but like I always say, in football, you go through those phases where things won’t be going well,” Mapeza noted.

He acknowledged the boost TelOne has received from their new signings, who have made a noticeable impact in the last four games. “From the information I gathered, they have massively improved,” he added, highlighting the need for his team to remain vigilant and adaptable.

Key Strategies for FC Platinum

To secure a victory, Mapeza emphasizes the importance of organization and efficiency. “It’s not going to be easy. Last week, they picked maximum points in Bulawayo. It is going to be difficult, but right now, it is about us, how much we want the points. We have to be organized in terms of controlling the game and utilizing the chances we get,” he explained.

This approach underscores the tactical acumen that has been a hallmark of Mapeza’s tenure at FC Platinum. His ability to prepare his team meticulously for each opponent has been pivotal in their consistent performances.

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