Inspiring Leadership Through Sports: Rwanda’s Inaugural School Head Teachers Volleyball Championship

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Muhanga and Rwamagana win inaugural volleyball championships.
Event promotes sports among school leaders and students.
Plans to expand tournament to include more disciplines.
Educators embrace fitness, leadership through sports competition.

In a celebration of athleticism and leadership, Muhanga and Rwamagana districts emerged triumphant as champions of the first-ever School Head Teachers Volleyball competition held in Kigali. This spirited event, culminating on June 28 at Collège Saint Andre courts in Nyamirambo, showcased not only the prowess of these educators but also their commitment to promoting sports in education.

Muhanga Secures Victory in Men’s Volleyball

Muhanga clinched the men’s title in a thrilling showdown against Karongi, triumphing with a 3-1 victory (25-22, 18-25, 25-17, 25-15). The match was a testament to their skill and determination, highlighting the competitive spirit fostered among school leaders through sports.

Rwamagana Dominates Women’s Competition

In the women’s finals, Rwamagana demonstrated dominance by defeating Muhanga in straight sets (25-10, 25-15, 25-13). Their performance underscored the importance of physical fitness and teamwork, qualities that resonate beyond the volleyball court into their roles as educational leaders.

Promoting Sports and Leadership

Organized by the Rwanda Basic Education Board (REB) in collaboration with the Heads of Schools Organization in Rwanda (HOSO), this tournament aimed to elevate the role of sports in schools. Dr. Nelson Mbarushimana, Director General of REB, emphasized the integral role of sports in education, stating, “In our education program, sports is as vital as any academic subject. By organizing this tournament, we inspire both head teachers and students to embrace a culture of sportsmanship.”

A Vision for Expansion

Looking ahead, Mbarushimana outlined ambitious plans to expand the tournament. “Our vision is to make this an annual event encompassing various sports like football, basketball, and athletics. We also plan to introduce a regional competition, potentially starting in Rwanda by 2025,” he announced.

Personal Testimonials: Leaders Leading by Example

Eugenie Umurerwa, headmistress at GS Murambi and a key player in Rwamagana’s winning team, spoke passionately about the benefits beyond the victory. “This competition encouraged us to prioritize physical fitness, something many of us neglected due to our busy schedules,” she shared. “By participating, we set an example for our students, fostering a healthier school environment and rejuvenating inter-school sports competitions.”

Special Moments

Muhanga’s Men’s Victory: Muhanga’s triumph in men’s volleyball showcased resilience and strategic prowess against Karongi.

Rwamagana’s Women’s Dominance: Rwamagana’s women’s team displayed dominance with impeccable teamwork and skill, clinching victory in straight sets.

Dr. Nelson Mbarushimana’s Vision: REB Director General Dr. Nelson Mbarushimana outlined a visionary plan to expand the tournament to include various sports disciplines.

Eugenie Umurerwa’s Leadership: Eugenie Umurerwa, headmistress and player for Rwamagana, emphasized the personal and educational benefits of participating in the competition.

Educational Impact: The tournament highlighted the role of sports in fostering leadership and promoting physical health among school head teachers and students alike.

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