Kenya Dominates Uganda to Clinch Africa Kabaddi 2024 Championship

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Kenya wins Africa Kabaddi 2024, beating Uganda 44-23.
James Kamweti leads early, securing halftime lead of 20-13.
Kenya’s defense dominates, allowing only 10 points in second half.
Team gears up for World Cup with high confidence.

Kenya’s triumph in the Africa Kabaddi 2024 Championship marked a significant milestone, not just for the team but for the sport’s development in the region. With a commanding 44-23 victory over Uganda in the final at Kasarani, Kenya secured their return to the Kabaddi World Cup, highlighting their prowess and strategic mastery.

Setting the Tone Early

From the outset, Kenya established their dominance. James Kamweti, a standout performer, spearheaded a series of successful raids into Uganda’s half. His aggressive and precise approach put Kenya ahead 20-13 by halftime, setting the stage for their eventual victory. Kamweti’s leadership in the raiding department was pivotal, showcasing his tactical acumen and physical endurance.

Dominance in the Second Half

The second half saw Kenya intensify their efforts. Adding 24 points to their tally while restricting Uganda to just 10 more points, the Kenyan team demonstrated their all-around superiority. The tactical brilliance was not confined to raiding alone; Kenya’s defense played an equally crucial role.

Samuel Wafula, named the best defender of the tournament, exemplified defensive excellence. His tackles were not just about strength but also about timing and precision, making it nearly impossible for Ugandan raiders to breach Kenya’s defenses. The cohesion and communication within the defensive unit were instrumental in maintaining their lead and ultimately securing the win.

Key to Victory: A Stalwart Defense

Defense is often the cornerstone of championship-winning teams, and Kenya’s performance was a testament to this principle. The defensive strategy, meticulously planned and executed, proved to be Uganda’s undoing. Captain David Silishia highlighted this aspect in his post-match comments, emphasizing the precision with which every player executed their role.

“Our defense strategy was key to keeping the Ugandans at bay. Every player executed their role with precision, and it paid off,” Silishia remarked. His leadership both on and off the mat was crucial, providing the strategic framework within which the team operated seamlessly.


James Kamweti: Led the team with a series of successful raids, contributing significantly to Kenya’s 44-23 victory.
David Silishia: As captain, provided strategic leadership and executed key defensive maneuvers to secure the win.
Samuel Wafula: Named best defender of the tournament, his precise tackles limited Uganda to just 23 points.
Kenya’s Defensive Unit: Allowed only 10 points in the second half, showcasing exceptional coordination and strength.
Overall Team Performance: Scored 44 points with 20 in the first half and 24 in the second.
Uganda’s Limited Success: Managed to score 13 points in the first half and only 10 in the second.

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