Africa 7s: Uganda Clinches Round One Championship

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Uganda wins first round of 2024 Africa 7s.
Defeated Madagascar 31-12 in the final.
Strong performances from Aaron Ofoywroth and Adrian Kasito.
Uganda tops rankings, eyes fourth African title.

The Uganda Rugby Cranes Sevens emerged victorious in the first round of the 2024 Africa 7s held in Mauritius. Demonstrating skill and determination, the team secured the title by defeating Madagascar 31-12 in a thrilling finale, completing the weekend unbeaten. This victory positions Uganda favorably as they eye their fourth African title in the upcoming rounds.

Dominant Performance in the Final

Uganda’s vice captain, Aaron Ofoywroth, set the tone early by scoring a try in the corner. Shortly after, Adrian Kasito, capitalizing on a smooth switch move with Philip Wokorach, crossed the line for the second score. Wokorach’s conversion extended Uganda’s lead to 12-0, putting them in a strong position.

Madagascar briefly threatened when they kicked behind Uganda’s high defensive line to score, narrowing the gap. However, Ofoywroth quickly responded with his second try of the final, ensuring Uganda ended the half with a 17-5 advantage.

Second Half: Sealing the Victory

The second half saw Madagascar start strongly with a clean kickoff reclamation, scoring under the posts to bring the score to 17-12. But Uganda regained control, with Norbert Okeny and Timothy Kisiga each adding converted tries, cementing a 31-12 victory. The win not only crowned them champions of the first round but also placed them at the top of the rankings with twenty points, ahead of Madagascar and South Africa.

Road to the Final

Uganda’s journey to the final showcased their resilience and tactical prowess. Topping Pool B on the opening day, they faced a tough challenge against Côte d’Ivoire in the Cup Quarterfinals. Despite the intensity, Uganda triumphed 15-10. In the semifinals, they faced South Africa, a match that truly ignited their campaign. With a 12-0 victory over South Africa, Uganda secured their spot in the final, carrying the momentum through to their dominant performance against Madagascar.

Key Takeaways

Strong Leadership and Tactical Execution: Vice captain Aaron Ofoywroth’s early try set a confident tone for the team, while strategic plays like the switch move between Kasito and Wokorach demonstrated their tactical acumen.

Resilience Under Pressure: Madagascar’s attempts to close the gap were met with composed and decisive responses from Uganda, showcasing their mental fortitude and ability to maintain control under pressure.

Team Cohesion and Fitness: The seamless coordination among players, coupled with their physical fitness, allowed Uganda to sustain high levels of performance throughout the weekend.

    Looking Ahead

    With the first round behind them, Uganda is in a prime position heading into the next weekend. Their goal of clinching a fourth African title appears within reach, provided they maintain their current form. The pools for the second round will be drawn later this week, setting the stage for another exciting round of rugby.

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