From Uganda to Tanzania: Akena’s Journey to a New Club

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• Charles Bob Akena, a talented 25-year-old striker

• Stand United Football Club, Akena’s destination

• Sign on fee and wages agreed, it’s worth taking

• Previous club performance

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In a move that has caught the attention of football enthusiasts, Charles Bob Akena, a talented 25-year-old striker, has bid farewell to his Ugandan club, Busoga United, to embark on a new chapter in his career with Stand United FC in Tanzania.

Akena’s transition to the Tanzanian side will mark a significant milestone in his football journey. The decision to leave his former team was not taken lightly, but after careful consideration and negotiations supervised by his agent, Mr. Patrick Okodi, Akena step away from sealing a promising deal with Stand United FC.

Akena’s bank account set to smile big

The agreement between Akena and Stand United FC encompasses various aspects, including personal terms, sign-on fees, and wages. It has been disclosed that Akena is set to receive a sign-on fee amounting to $5300, which includes an additional $300 in performance-based add-ons. This incentive underscores the mutual commitment of both player and club towards achieving success on the field.

Tracking Akena’s potentials, previous club performance

In a move that signals a significant shift for Ugandan football star Akena, the talented forward has agreed on a two-year contract with the Tanzanian club, where he is set to earn a monthly salary of $500. This promising opportunity comes after an impressive season with Busoga UTD in the 2023/24 Startimes Uganda Premier League, where Akena showcased his skills by scoring 4 goals and providing 8 assists in 18 appearances.

Despite Akena’s stellar performance, Busoga UTD faced a heartbreaking end to their season as they were unable to secure their spot in the top-tier league. The decisive moment came during the Jinja Derby at the FUFA Technical Center, Njeru, where they suffered a 2-0 defeat to BUL FC, who were in contention for the league title. This defeat spelled relegation for Busoga UTD, leading to significant changes within the team roster.

One of the repercussions of Busoga UTD’s relegation is the growing exodus of players seeking opportunities elsewhere. With the team set to compete in the FUFA Big League, the second tier of Ugandan football, many players have chosen to explore new prospects to further their careers.

Previous clubs: Which other clubs did Akena play for?

Akena previously featured for both Lugazi FC (2023/23 season) and Blacks Power FC in the 2023/24 season) where he spent just six months (half a season) with the Lira based side in the FUFA Big League before joining the Jinja based Busoga United during the January transfer window for the top tier League competition.

Stand United Football Club, Akena’s destination

Stand United FC, established in 2012, is a reputable club based in the vibrant city of Shinyanga, within the Shinyanga Region of Tanzania. The team competes in the prestigious Tanzanian Premier League, the top-tier football league in the country, showcasing the competitive environment in which Akena will now be a part of.

The club’s home matches are hosted at the illustrious Kambarage Stadium, boasting a seating capacity of 10,000 spectators. The all-seater stadium provides an electrifying atmosphere for players and fans alike, setting the stage for thrilling encounters and memorable moments on the pitch.

As Akena embarks on this new chapter with Stand United FC, he brings with him a blend of skill, determination, and ambition, poised to make a significant impact for his new team. His move to Tanzania not only signifies a personal milestone in his career but also reflects the growing opportunities for talent to thrive and excel in the football landscape of East Africa.

The transition from Uganda to Tanzania presents Akena with a fresh challenge and an opportunity to test his skills in a new environment. Playing in the Tanzanian league will provide him with exposure to different styles of play, new competition, and a chance to broaden his horizons on the footballing front. The move not only signifies Akena’s personal growth but also highlights the increasing trend of African players seeking opportunities beyond their home countries to advance their careers.

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