A Tough Weekend for Gweru Teams in Nedbank Premier Netball League

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City Angels won against JT High Fliers, 44-30.
Both teams faced multiple defeats over the weekend.
ZDF Queens and Black Rhinos dominated their matches.
Close match: Harare District beat Harare City, 54-50.

The recent Nedbank Premier Netball League (PNL) matches in Gweru proved challenging for the local teams, JT High Fliers and City Angels. Despite playing on their home turf, both teams found it difficult to secure victories over the weekend.

City Angels: Mixed Results and Tough Competitions

City Angels managed to secure a significant victory in their city showdown against JT High Fliers, winning 44-30. However, the rest of the weekend was less favorable for the Angels. They faced a series of defeats against Mutare City (58-33), Falcon Manyame (50-35), Harare District (54-39), and ZDF Queens (66-31).

  • Key Victory: The win against JT High Fliers showcased their potential, but consistency remained a challenge.
  • Areas of Improvement: The losses highlighted the need for stronger defense and more coordinated offensive strategies.

JT High Fliers: Narrow Losses and Tough Opponents

JT High Fliers had a similarly challenging weekend. Their most notable match was a narrow 49-44 loss to Beitbridge, a game that displayed their competitive spirit. However, they also faced heavy defeats against Harare City (36-60), Stormers (63-33), and Black Rhinos (63-28).

  • Close Call: The close match against Beitbridge was a testament to their resilience, indicating potential that needs to be harnessed.
  • Focus Areas: The significant losses pointed to a need for better teamwork and strategic planning.

Dominance of Top Teams

Top-performing teams like ZDF Queens and Black Rhinos demonstrated their dominance throughout the weekend. They secured convincing victories not only against the Gweru teams but also against other competitors, solidifying their positions as formidable forces in the league.

  • ZDF Queens: Their victory against City Angels (66-31) and other teams showcased their tactical superiority.
  • Black Rhinos: Consistent wins, including a decisive 63-28 victory over JT High Fliers, highlighted their strength and depth.

Other Notable Matches

The weekend also featured other thrilling encounters, such as the closely contested match between Girls Dzetonhas and Harare District, with Harare District edging out Harare City 54-50. These matches provided valuable insights into the competitive landscape of the league.

  • Learning Opportunities: For the local teams, these matches were crucial in assessing their performance and identifying areas for improvement.
  • Strategic Adjustments: Understanding the strategies of top teams can help local teams refine their approach for future games.

Results Roundup

  • Mutare City 58-33 City Angels
  • Falcon Manyame 32-59 Harare District
  • Beitbridge 44-54 Harare City
  • Marondera 51-34 Argistars
  • Harare District 54-39 City Angels
  • Falcon Manyame 35-49 Seven Flames
  • ZDF Queens 70-34 Harare City
  • Mutare City 48-49 Stormers
  • Beitbridge 49-44 JT High Fliers
  • Black Rhinos 73-21 Marondera
  • 7 Flames 77-19 St Peters & Paul
  • JT High Fliers 36-60 Harare City
  • Mutare City 88-26 Argistars
  • Beitbridge 72-50 Marondera
  • ZDF Queens 66-31 City Angels
  • Stormers 63-33 JT High Fliers
  • Mutare City 58-46 Beitbridge
  • St Peters & Paul 30-65 Argistars
  • ZDF Queens 73-31 Manyame
  • Harare District 54-50 Harare City
  • JT High Fliers 30-44 City Angels
  • Beitbridge 48-52 Falcon Manyame
  • Mutare City 80-24 St Peters & Paul
  • Marondera 40-23 St Peters & Paul
  • Stormers 70-29 Argistars
  • Harare District 84-40 Marondera
  • Black Rhinos 63-28 JT High Fliers
  • 7 Flames 47-16 Argistars
  • Falcon Manyame 50-35 City Angels

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