Rwanda’s Road to Paris 2024: A Historic Olympic Delegation Sets Sail

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  • Rwanda sends historic delegation to Paris 2024 Olympics.
  • Minister Munyangaju emphasizes debut in fencing and future goals.
  • Athletes to train in Courbevoie before joining Olympic Village.
  • Focus on excellence and national pride in diverse sports disciplines.

On July 3, Rwanda bid a heartfelt farewell to its contingent of athletes, led by Minister of Sports Aurore Mimosa Munyangaju, as they embarked on their journey to the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. This momentous occasion marks Rwanda’s participation with a diverse team of eight athletes across cycling, athletics, swimming, and fencing, symbolizing the nation’s growing presence on the global sporting stage.

Debut in Fencing: A Milestone for Rwandan Sports

A standout achievement for Rwanda at the Paris Olympics is its inaugural entry into fencing—a historic milestone lauded by Minister Munyangaju. This debut underscores Rwanda’s commitment to broadening its sporting horizons and nurturing future Olympians, setting a precedent for aspiring athletes across the country.

Athlete Lineup and Rigorous Preparations

The Rwandan team comprises five women and three men, each poised to showcase their skills with determination and pride:

  • Cycling: Eric Manizabayo (Road Race), Diane Ingabire (Road Race & Individual Time Trial), Jazilla Mwamikazi (Mountain Bike)
  • Athletics: Yves Nimubona (10,000m), Clementine Mukandanga (Full Marathon 42km)
  • Swimming: Peyre Mitilla Oscar Cyusa (100m Butterfly), Lidwine Umuhoza Uwase (50m Freestyle)
  • Fencing: Tufaha Uwihoreye

These athletes will undergo intensive training in Courbevoie to fine-tune their skills and strategies before joining the Olympic Village on July 23. The rigorous preparation ensures they are well-equipped to compete at their peak performance levels in their respective events.

Minister’s Commendation and Strategic Vision

Minister Munyangaju extended her appreciation to the National Olympic Committee and sports federations for their steadfast efforts in preparing the athletes. She emphasized the importance of establishing a sustainable framework that fosters the development of more Olympians and expands Rwanda’s representation across diverse sports in future editions of the Games.

Pursuit of Excellence: Rwanda’s Olympic Journey

As Rwanda’s delegation embarks on its journey to Paris, the focus extends beyond mere participation—it embodies a quest for excellence. Each athlete carries a unique narrative of perseverance and dedication, driven by a deep sense of national pride. Their presence at the Olympics signifies Rwanda’s evolving sporting landscape and aspirations to excel on an international platform.

Embracing Opportunity and Legacy

Rwanda’s participation in the Paris 2024 Olympics signifies more than just a sporting event—it represents a moment of pride, unity, and aspiration for the nation.

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